Dating Apps: Things You Need to Stop Doing Immediately!

Dating Apps: Things You Need to Stop Doing Immediately!

Dating apps have been around for quite a while now. Tinder started eight years ago! Can you believe that? With time, people have figured out how to reach out to someone on dating apps. But, people still struggle to realize that it’s sometimes not what you do but what you shouldn’t do that can get you success. On the same note, let’s dive into a few things that we need to stop doing on dating apps.

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     1) “I’m too good for dating apps.”

Alright, we start off with this because there are just way too many people who pretend to be too good for dating apps. They use various such apps but constantly nag about them to friends and constantly half-ass their replies. This attitude, firstly, is kind of cringy. Secondly, this is a very orthodox attitude to have about dating apps in 2020. It’s not 2011, people. No one’s forcing you to be on dating apps and if you are, you need to actually try. The onus is on YOU, friend.

     2) Asking for a Snapchat ID instead of a phone number.

There’s only three reasons you would want someone’s Snapchat ID. Those are a) You’re a teenager or b) You want nudes or c) You’re married. If you’re neither of the above and you’re looking for an actual relationship, don’t ask for a Snapchat ID. Engage the other person enough to be able to ask for a phone number directly. Yes, some people aren’t usually keen on handing out phone numbers, in which case you could use another social media app or just continue the conversation on the dating app until both of you are comfortable with exchanging numbers. This brings us to,

     3) Exchanging numbers too soon!

We get it. It’s hard to figure out when exactly one can take a conversation off the dating app and to a more comfortable/easier platform. BUT, doing this too early can definitely have negative consequences on how your new acquaintance reacts. People, of course, are very wary of things dying out too soon. We know you don’t want to just be another person on the match list. A good way to deal with this problem is to make plans to meet first and depending on how the person reacts, you can ask for their phone number on the day that you two are scheduled to meet. Or you can also meet and directly ask for the other person’s number in-person.

     4) Blocking someone before confirming their interest

People respond to dating app messages at different times. Some might be stopped at a stop-light and might decide to respond at a later time. People also have trouble getting notifications from dating apps sometimes.

If someone doesn’t immediately respond, do not immediately press the ‘block’ button. Wait it out and give it 24 hours. After all, there’s not much you can lose by just letting the match stay for a while longer, is there?


     5) Don’t send nudes.

It’s crazy that this even needs to be said out loud. When someone wants to see you naked, they will ask. You might think that you’re the sexiest person to ever walk the earth but keep your sexy in your pants until someone summons it with a spell. Remember folks, Ron Weasley kept his weasley in his pants till Hermione summoned it out.

      6) Starting conversations with “Hey”

If you start a dating app conversation with “Hey”, you deserve the immediate/eventual “bye”. It’s not that hard to come up with something relevant to talk about. Most dating apps these days have people’s interests listed. Use them. Include it in your opener and spice it up a little bit. Or you can even go the traditional route and start off with a joke.

     7) Group pictures.

Group pictures are definitely cool and sometimes also necessary. But people tend to overdo them. Yes, you have lots of friends. You can definitely show off your friends and your social skills. The trick, though, is to achieve this in one or two pictures at the max. Any more and it’s risky. Your potential match might lose interest. Nobody wants to sit and figure out which human you are in your group pictures.

     8) Are you your Dog?

This is a new one. Honestly, it started out as something harmless and fun but is now way overdone. You love your dog. We all do. You want to show off your dog. We all do. Just don’t let ‘pet selfies’ be every single picture on your profile. The other side of the coin is even more annoying! I swear to god if I see another person have “probably will like your dog more than I’ll like you” on their bio, I will… I WILL SKIP MY DOG’S EVENING WALK. Yes, I went there.





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