This Lesbian Couple Went Through Pregnancy Together And It’s Incredible

This Lesbian Couple Went Through Pregnancy Together And It’s Incredible

When Karina Rincon and Kelly Mesa met each other in school, never did they imagine in their wildest thoughts about how unique their story would become. After getting hitched to each other in 2017, they soon planned on starting a family. However, pregnancy is a tough and expensive journey from the very start and the duo figured that out soon. The duo, who are professionally biomedical engineers, originally from Venezuela but moved to the U.S. They did some research, found some at-home insemination kits online for $89 (£72), and connected with a sperm donor using a donor-matching site, but they knew the chances were slim without medical assistance. To increase their chances of pregnancy, both the women tried to get pregnant at the same time, hoping one of them would be successful. Little did they know that they both would get pregnant at the same time.

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How Did They Meet

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Both Karina Rincon and Kelly Mesa are originally from Venezuela. The couple first met in secondary school. However, their friendship was purely platonic and they never dreamed they would fall in love. They used to date men back then and Sharing confidences about everything, including dating, back then they were positive they were exclusively attracted to men. They moved from South America to the US after graduation and lost touch. However, after moving around separately for a long time, they finally reconnected when they both found themselves living in Miami, Florida in 2013. That is when they developed feelings and recognized that their friendship was no longer platonic.

“Whenever I’d hear Kelly talking about boyfriends, I’d feel almost jealous and started to realize that it was because I had romantic feelings for her. She moved around a lot but, eventually, we found ourselves in the same city when we both moved to Miami. I was so nervous, as I had no idea how she would take it, but I had to tell her how I felt. Thankfully, she felt the same.””

– Rincon to Metro

When they started dating

They kept their relationship a secret at first, but eventually came out to their families in 2017 and got married shortly afterward. As in most cases, coming out to family can be hard. For the family, it is sometimes very hard to adjust to the news. Especially if they never anticipate that their family member is gay. This is exactly the scenario that happened to the duo when they came out to their family.

“Not all of our loved ones approved. Coming out as a process is very hard. You have to come out to yourself first, accept who you are, and understand that you aren’t doing anything wrong. As I’d only ever dated men before Kelly, some people thought it was a phase, but it wasn’t. Part of why we wanted to get married was to formalize our relationship and show the world that we were serious about one another.”

– Rincon to Metro

Early Thoughts on Pregnancy 

After they married in September 2017, they decided to start a family but knew they couldn’t afford the thousands required at a fertility clinic. Growing up, never had Kelly thought she would even want any children. Rather, she was determined to focus on her career and studying instead. However, Karina’s thoughts were different. She had always wanted to be a mother. She changed Kelly’s mind about having a child. Soon they both started seeking options to fulfill their dreams.

The problem they came across was that pregnancy was extremely expensive. They were huge costs to be incurred if they opted for clinical insemination. The cost of the donor was also high. Thus, the couple started to take matters into their own hands and started researching an affordable way of getting pregnant.

“Some of the clinics we looked at would have cost thousands and thousands – and that was just to find the donor. Then, there’d be all the costs of insemination, medication, doctors’ appointments, and so on. To add on, the awkwardness of it all was also a component.”

– Kelly to Metro

The DIY Pregnancy

In early 2018, they discovered a company online that offered at-home artificial insemination kits for just $89 (£72).  The couple found this alternative of being able to be at home with a DIY kit, less invasive at the least.

When it came to choosing a sperm donor, they wanted to know as much as possible about the person so they found an online network called, which matches couples looking to start a family with potential donors. Moreover, they learned that the registration on the site is free. Though users do also have the option of paying for members-only access – it helped get around the issue of budget. They set up their profile and in the course of three months, they filtered the responses down to around 15. They sent them questionnaires about their family history and genetics, and also what their motivation was for wanting to help.

“We wanted somebody truly altruistic, but unfortunately, not everybody out there is genuine. Futher, We narrowed it further and further down until there were just two donors. We would joke that it was like the reality show The Bachelor.”

-The couple, in their interview with the Metro

Kelly and Karina then met the remaining two potential donors in person – neither of whom asked for money – before settling on their final decision in October 2018.

And It Began

After all three parties took part in genetic screening. The results of which did not bring up anything of concern. It was time to start trying. Kelly had just been offered a new job in Los Angeles, California and they decided to both try at the same time as moving meant leaving their sperm donor behind in Washington. Karina went first, followed by Kelly the next day, never imagining that both attempts would be successful. Shortly afterward, Karina went for a blood test, arranged as part of a health checkup just before they moved. Karina’s test did not show if she was pregnant. So a few days later, they checked for Kelly. They were elated to find she was pregnant. In the next few days, Karina tested again. This time, her results for pregnancy came to be positive.

‘We both understood how the other was feeling. It was nothing like it would have been if we’d had babies with men, where one of us wouldn’t be facing the limitations and challenges of pregnancy.”

-The couple, in their interview with the Metro

Here come the Babies

Leo arrived first, weighing 6lb 12oz, with Kelly giving birth on July 7, 2019. Just three days later, Karina went into labor, welcoming little 7lb 11oz Sophie into the world. Now, the pair are enjoying their life as a family of four and say they are utterly in love with their children.

By sharing their extraordinary love story, they want to give hope to other couples for whom traditional conception is not an option, and raise awareness of the many different paths to parenthood.

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