This Movie Will Have You Saying, Oh My God, This Is So Me!

This Movie Will Have You Saying, Oh My God, This Is So Me!

Framing of LGBTQ+ centric movies is getting better each day. Thanks to increase in the inclusion of LGBTQ+ members in the cast and crew of a film. We are finally headed towards movies that don’t hyper-focus on sexuality but rather make it a part and parcel of the whole story. The momentum has not picked up as much as we would like for it to, but we are appreciative of the efforts nonetheless.

Even so, how many of us have watched good LGBTQ+ movies? Movies that focus more on the personality of the protagonist and not their sexuality? Well, here’s some news. There’s one that captures both and envelopes a story with a hamartia that will make you giggle and weep at the same time.

A movie that roughly came out in February 2019 strings ideas of mental health, sexuality, and of course, love. movies/This Movie Will Have You Saying, Oh My God, This Is So Me!
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Analysis Paralysis

The movie is directed by Jason T Gaffney, and the script is co-written with his father, Ed Gaffney. Analysis Paralysis is a true comedy piece that gives you your required dose of rib-tickling. The movie also stars the director as Tyler, as the protagonist.

To unravel the depth and relatability of the movie, it’s elemental to understand what Paralysis by Analysis means. According to, bsci21, “Paralysis by analysis is the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome”

I can automatically presume at least a bunch of people say, “Oh yes, it me!” right now. That’s exactly what makes this movie so accurately dysfunctionally comedic. In the movie, a gay man, Tyler experiences severe anxiety that keeps him from trying new things. His anxiety leads him to overthink the many ways things can go south. Doctor Strange vibes, anyone?

But at least in Doctor Strange’s case, he reaches a decision, bad or good, and is able to act on it. Overthinking is inconclusive, unlike Doctor Strange’s powers. The numerous possibilities and heightened pressure are no easy things to handle.

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Luckily for Tyler, he is able to manipulate his paralysis by analysis and take the next step.

The source for his motivation to overcome the anxiety is his cute neighbour Shane played by Kevin Held. Tyler struggles through his anxiety and asks Shane on a date. And they eventually get together despite the myriad ways Tyler can imagine it all crumble to nothing. movies/This Movie Will Have You Saying, Oh My God, This Is So Me!
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Touching upon insecurities, mental health, the problems of adulting, homosexual dating, and the universal understanding of love, the movie is pretty wholesome. It does not press upon the downsides of the LGBTQ+ movement, or the ideas that the community fights for, but shouldn’t we widen the representation of LGBTQ+ in all their habitats? Everyone’s got their own stories and their own issues. As long as we don’t undermine the cause, representation in all its diversity is a good thing.

A light-hearted LGBTQ+ movie is a rarity, especially if it is comedic in nature.

According to The Advocate, the director, Gaffney, said “As a filmmaker, my goal is to make movies set in the inclusive, welcoming, LGBTQ-friendly world where I grew up. My coming-out-at-age-fifteen story was basically my mom kissing me, and saying ‘I know. I love you. Where did you put your dirty socks? I’m doing a load of laundry,”. Gaffney himself said that he has long suffered from anxiety.

“Although there’s definitely still an important place in LGBTQ films for angsty coming-out dramas, I just don’t see my own reflection in those stories,” he adds.

Here’s a small snippet of the movie. Inclusive of the myriad of envisions that Tyler has. Pretty nightmarish and definitely funny.


Here are a few things that I wish we could add to LGBTQ+ centric movies.

Parents realistically learning to cope, studying and educating themselves through the internet and media. Not sudden awareness or sudden acceptance. Conversations about LGBTQ+ sex with doctors and sexual health in general. Members of the community interacting with children or being siblings. LGBTQ+ parents who move out of heterosexual marriages. LGBTQ+ centric movies that are children friendly. Non LGBTQ+ centric movies having LGBTQ+ characters.

With rising awareness of LGBTQ+, it is time we start presenting the community as more than just victims of discrimination. Not to say that we must drop our fight and let go of the ages of violence and angst the community has been treated with, but to help familiarise LGBTQ+ within the normative setup. The ideas have to spread across language and geographical boundaries. That is why representational movies are good for us.

If you want to watch Analysis Paralysis, you can find the movie on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

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