This Viral Ad by Sprite Will Leave You Warm With Pride

This Viral Ad by Sprite Will Leave You Warm With Pride

The popular soda beverage brand, Sprite recently came out with a pro-LGBTQ+ ad. And it is already hitting 3 million views on Twitter. We have seen a lot of ads lately but this one hits it out of the park. Sprite not only set an understanding of what it means to be a member of LGBTQ+ but also set an example for people around them. And it is beyond beautiful.

The ad went viral in Argentina. The ad celebrates Marcha de Orgullo, Bueno Aires Pride, which is the pride parade in Argentina. This year, it was held on the 2nd of November, which was the 28th edition of the parade. And this year, the key focus was “for a country without institutional or religious violence. No more hate crimes.”

Support and Family

#NoEstasSolx (You Are Not Alone) was the hashtag used by the company to spread awareness during the parade. The ad not only focused on the elements that make the pride parades special, but also the supportive system that helps create pride. It is set to the song You’ll Never Walk Alone and shows family and loved ones helping their LGBTQ+ members get dressed and ready for the parade.


Gay, drag, transgender, or an ally, the ad captured it all. Sprite shows a grandmother helping her grandson dress in drag, a mother fixing her son’s make up, and a girl helping her trans brother bind his chest. It also shows a family painting the pride flag.

The ad finally ends with a father dropping his gay son and his boyfriend being at the Pride Parade. He looks at them filled with love as they join the celebration.

When life gives you Lemonade

Sprite celebrates the spirit of pride with this one. It nails what the LGBTQ+ community has been saying for so long so rightly. The ad ends on the note,

“Pride: that feeling when someone you love chooses to be free,”

“You’re not alone.”


Sprite’s imagination of the ad did not arise out of thin air. A lot of research and discussion with LGBTQ+ organisations helped curate it. Sprite sought help from the Federacion Argentina LGBT.

Argentina was the first in the Latin American country to legalise same-sex marriage. They legalised it in the year 2010. It is also the tenth country in the entire world to do it! Argentina deserves some serious brownie points for being progressive.


The laws in Argentina strongly supports the LGBTQ+ community and their opinions. Also, the Argentinian public is pretty inclusive and accepting of the community. Even the president’s son, Estanislao Fernandez openly identifies as a drag queen.

This makes us wonder if Argentina is setting goals for every state to aspire. Sprite’s ad is sheerly reflective of how amazing the state actually is. The ad was released on the first of November, right before the Buenos Aires Pride.

Two years after they legalised same-sex marriage, they also altered their gender identity law. The law permits trans and non-binary identifying individuals to change their gender legally. No hassle. They don’t face hurdles of hormone therapy, surgery or psychiatric diagnosis which often labels them as having an abnormality.

So Sprite’s new ad is only an added feather that decorates the pride hat of Argentina.

Here are a few other honorable mentions that will make you happy


Yes, it’s true, Starbucks hasn’t always outrightly supported the LGBTQ+ community, and people have often questioned the franchise for their lack of representation and more. But this ad is pretty darn amazing. Take a look.


Coca Cola

Umm, this ad might be a little lusty but what the heck, it gets the message through. It’s funny, witty, and breaks stereotypes of gender and age. It’s dramatically delivered and retains the Coca Cola idea of showing love by sharing the drink. Have you seen this one before?


Get ready to have your heart captured with this one. Kodak has constantly delivered quality content that binds emotions and unravels what photography is all about. Stories have always been a strong suit for Kodak and they do it just right. Here’s every closeted teen’s dream.


Argentina’s 28th, yes, 28th pride march was a grand success, and why wouldn’t it be? People of Argentina have enjoyed the rights and laws that most countries have only dreamt about. Their pride marches still focus on issues that affect the LGBTQ+ to a large degree. But they also celebrate pride for the freedom that the LGBTQ+ community has received from the country.

Sprite’s research and discussion with the Federacion Argentina LGBT have definitely paid off. This could be one of the first pro LGBTQ+ campaigns by the fizzy lemonade drink brand. And if they keep running at this pace, we know we will see more such creative ads that encourage diversity and inclusivity.


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