This World AIDS Day, Learn How To Deal With It

This World AIDS Day, Learn How To Deal With It

HIV or AIDS is an immunodeficiency syndrome. A sexually transmitted diseased, AIDS keeps the immune system from fighting diseases and infections. This could turn a small issue such as cold a cause of death.

We are taught about STDs and STIs from the age of twelve. Most people know the HIV virus can spread through more ways than sexually. And since most people don’t know the ways in which the disease can spread, AIDS is stigmatised. Many people still refuse to provide the care an AIDS patient needs. They are often outcasted since they don’t know how to care for an AIDS patient.

Care for AIDS

Whether it is for yourself or for someone you know, these simple steps can help understand AIDS better. Picks/This World AIDS Day, Learn How To Deal With It
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Learning that someone has HIV is difficult. It is not a pill that is easy to swallow. Acceptance of what HIV can do to someone is crucial. It is the first step of the rocky road ahead. Acceptance motivates an individual to care for themselves and look at death as inevitable yet controllable. It can make an individual believe that HIV can be managed. And if they take care of themselves, the process will be easier.


The body needs rest. And the body needs a lot of it. With HIV, the body turns weak and fragile. It needs regular intervals from work to recuperate. To add to that, ensuring a good night’s sleep of eight hours is important to the body.

Let Go of the Stress

Stress can compromise the immune system. The stress of having to care for an HIV poz patient and preparing for death is stressful. Societal acceptance, economic stability, familial dependence, and physical restraints can and most likely will cause stress. To battle this, the infected individual needs support and care. They also need a reality check to keep them from a downward spiral.

Be Kind To Yourself

Nobody knows how rough it is to be infected with HIV, live with its physical symptoms and demands with greater clarity than the one infected. It is equally difficult to deal with the stigmatisation. To handle all these different scopes of what seems like impending doom, demands kindness. From you and everyone around. The person with the virus has to give themselves a break from these many trains of thought.


Horne A Hobby

Create for the sake of the creation. Invest your energy in doing something that you like and enjoy. And don’t hesitate to try something new. Writing, read books, painting, or theatre, you have a lot of options to pick from. Just try and avoid anything where there are tools or weapons involved. And you’re golden.


A light exercise with fun music in the background? Hell yes! Wake up on a happy note and keep the vibe going. Exercise will refresh you and stimulate your body into performing better. Exercise will help you feel physically better and mentally more in one with your body.


Advice and Support

Ask for advice, and ask for help. HIV and other STIs are not as stigmatised as earlier and you will find at least a few people who can share their experiences for you to benefit from. You will also find a group and a sense of comfort when you understand how people deal with the infection as well. To add to that, having information on how the virus manifests and what could be affected can help you understand your treatment plans better. You will also learn so much about your own body.


Quit Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

This should be a no brainer. Consumption of tobacco and alcohol can damage your immunity and worsen your condition very quickly. And honestly, cigarettes and scotch are not worth it. So switching to a teetotaler lifestyle is something that will optimise your physical and mental state. Alcohol will destroy your liver and kill the vitamins in your system. And since the system is already weak, this would inhibit all the efforts you put into keeping yourself safe. Picks/This World AIDS Day, Learn How To Deal With It
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Keep an Eye on the Weight

A sudden decrease or increase in weight could be the result of serious issues that are messing with the system. Keep a track of your intake and check your weight regularly. This will help you notice even the slightest of differences and report it to your doctor if need be.


Be Careful with the Medicines

There are many medicines in the market that help regulate your physical health and the degree of affect of the virus. But there are also many medicines that can hinder your health. Ensure you know what you are taking and keep your loved ones in the loop about it. Know what goes in. Read and be informed about your medicines.

Keep it Hygenic

Try and keep your surroundings as clean as possible. Get help to make sure you live in a clean environment. Cleanliness will aid your health and keep you feeling better for longer. Cleanliness also means fewer accidents and diseases.

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