Popular Underwear Brand TomboyX Creates New Line of LGBTQ Underwear

Popular Underwear Brand TomboyX Creates New Line of LGBTQ Underwear

Underwears are a daily essential. They need to be comfortable in terms of fit and also in terms of the way they make you feel. One company that believes this ‘to the T’ is queer owned underwear company, TomboyX. The company believes in creating gender-inclusive products that are not chained to any labels or expectations. The brand has underwear in monochrome colors and fun prints, including pride prints. All of these celebrate the LGBTQ+ community in one way or the other. They also have certain other pieces that are eco-friendly. These are made using  ‘sustainably harvested materials and earth-conscious production’. This means that you can feel good about your purchase too!

TomboyX’s style and fit

Something that is remarkable about TomboyX’s line of clothing is the unique way in which the products are created and marketed. The brand does not separate its products by gender. They instead ask their customers to just pick and buy what they like. They also have products for everyone. From briefs to boxers to thongs, they have it all. There are some items that also have adaptive bras with front-zip closures and packing boxers. These fill a need in the LGBGTQ+ community for inclusive undergarments.

The brand’s website also states that their underwears are ‘fit-tested on hundreds of bodies so you can be confident they’ll fit yours’. The underwears come in sizes extra-small to 4X, giving a pretty big range for customers to choose from. TomboyX products are also ethically created. They are made in ethical women-owned factories and they pay living wage to their workers.

They also have other products apart from their underwear line. The brand also sells socks, pajamas, sweatshirts, and tees that will help you live in some of the softest material ever.

Here are some products that will pique your interest:

Trans Pride Stripe Briefs

Rainbow Boy Shorts

Adaptable Zip-Front Bra

Rainbow Socks



TomboyX: How it all started

TomboyX was launched and founded in 2013 by Fran Dunaway and her wife Naomi Gonzalez. The two came up with the idea after realizing a market dearth. They realized that there wasn’t much out there for women looking for masculine-style clothing. And thus, TomboyX took birth. Subsequently, Gonzalez received a call asking if they had boxer briefs for women. After a quick search, Gonzalez realized that there was a huge market gap and realized that they could make it big. They started selling underwear, Tomboy X’s revenue tripled in six months, and the rest is history.

TomboyX founders Naomi Gonzalez (L) and Fran Dunaway (R)/TomboyX/Popular Underwear Brand TomboyX Creates New Line of LGBTQ Underwear
Image Courtesy: Forbes

In an interview with Forbes, CEO of TomboyX, Fram Dunaway talked about the company’s inception. She said:

“The company was started because I wanted a cool button up shirt, like a Ben Sherman or a Robert Graham – quality fabric, fun details and a good fit. My wife, Naomi Gonzalez, who co-founded the company with me, and I boot-strapped the first designs and picked the name TomboyX because we thought it was cute, and we both identify as tomboys. In 2014, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to pay for the production of the shirts but an interesting phenomenon happened.

We started hearing from women and girls around the world who were excited to have a brand for them. We had inadvertently stepped into a white space that the fashion industry has traditionally ignored. Because of the name, we had instant brand recognition and we knew that was a powerful thing, but we weren’t quite sure what to do with it. Our little side project out of our one car garage now felt like a rather daunting responsibility to a community that was eager to be seen and heard.”

Dunaway also talked about the brand’s ethical production habits.

She stated:

“Initially, we worked with a woman owned factory in Vancouver, Canada which is just 3 hours from our HQ in Seattle. The factory owner continues to be a strong partner to us. As we scaled, we outgrew her capacity and so moved our production to an affiliate factory in China. We now work with 4 factories in China, all of which are either women owned or run. …ensure our workers get paid fair wages, are treated fairly and have decent working conditions. We recently moved our swim production to Columbia.”

On future ambitions:

“We think that 2020 is the break-out year for TomboyX. We closed our Series B round of funding last year and are fully resourced for the first time in our history. Also, we have leveled up the team and are focused on core competencies to help us scale quickly. We are aligning our teams to collaborate on a few critical goals, and we are laser-focused on achieving success. It all comes down to having the right team that can execute a strategic plan with precision.”


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