Top 5 Destinations for Lesbians in 2019

Top 5 Destinations for Lesbians in 2019

Watch out for these destinations to enjoy a vacation with your girlfriend. Travelling can be great fun, but a task when it comes to deciding on a place which is LGBTQ+ friendly.

To the whole LGBTQ+ family, many destinations are flying the rainbow-colored flags. It creates experiences that include a good mix of relaxing and thrilling.

But while there are more and more places catered specifically for gay travelers, there hasn’t been a lot of travel information available for lesbians and queer women. So, we took out some time and did a little digging and compiled a list for your gang.

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Gather your girls and visit these amazing destinations this 2019.

1.New York City, USA:

New York City is one of the gay-friendliest cities in the world and the top-ranked LGBTQ destination in the US. 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of this significant event in LGBTQ+ culture.

It is a great excuse to visit NYC this year, there are many more things that make the city attractive for lesbian tourists — from world-class art museums to stunning Broadway productions and dozens of neighborhoods to explore.

In the summer, you get to enjoy free performances by the New York Metropolitan Opera. Free outdoor movie screenings, and weekend flea markets and food markets.

Also check out New York’s lesbian nightlife, including the iconic Cubbyhole Bar and Henrietta Hudson in the West Village, the popular Hot Rabbit party, and a number of Pride parties exclusively for women.

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Best Time to Visit: June, during the World Pride Parade.


2. Montreal, Canada:

Canada legalized same-sex marriage in 2005 and has been a popular destination for LGBT-travelers ever since, and while cities like Vancouver, Toronto or Quebec are all LGBT-friendly.

Montreal is the city with the biggest LGBT nightlife scene and is particularly lesbian-friendly, unlike most other popular LGBT destinations.

The city prides itself on an abundance of outdoor activities during the warmer months. Climb up to the top of Mount Royal for sweeping views over the city, marvel at the murals on Boulevard Saint-Laurent, and swing by lesbian-owned industrial warehouse-meets-beer garden Bar.

Best Time to Visit: During the feminist-queer DIY music festival that mainly for performers and audiences who identify as women, trans*, gender-fluid, nonbinary, or people of color. The festival usually occurs in July.

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3. Mallorca, Spain:

Mallorca has been a popular holiday destination with Europeans for decades. Since 2012 the Spanish island is a must-visit for lesbian travel.

Ella Festival in Palma, Mallorca’s capital, the festival celebrates no matter if you’re identified as lesbian, bisexual, transgender. Every woman is welcome at Ella which happens in the month of August!

Enjoy beach parties, concerts, and a number of activities, from paddleboarding to beach volleyball, as well as island excursions.

Check out Lesbian Mallorca, the “lesbian lifestyle directory” of the island, has a great overview of lesbian bars and lesbian-friendly and lesbian-owned restaurants, hotels, and shops.

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4. Provincetown, USA:

Provincetown often referred to as P-Town. It is a small fishing town at the northern tip of Cape Cod, and it has long been a favorite with LGBT travelers.

The charming little seaside destination is a fantastic vacation spot for anyone. With over 200 independent shops, plenty of art galleries, delicious restaurants, and great beaches.

its focus on lesbian travelers and the celebration of freedom of expression are what make this open-minded community so attractive for girls.

Provincetown has more lesbian-owned businesses per capita than anywhere else in the US.

Try to plan your visit around one of the many women-focused events, depending on which one best fits your preferences and interests like Pride Girl Splash, Woman Week and Fantasy Fair.

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5. Puerto Rico:

Ponce, the island’s second-largest city, has several gay and LGBT-friendly bars and nightclubs, and last year’s Pride Parade in San Juan attracted more than 5,000 people.

The go-to place for lesbians is El Cojo Bar. A quick ferry ride brings you to Puerto Rico’s hidden gems: the island of Vieques, which is famous for Mosquito Bay.

Vieques, a small dreamy island largely untouched by tourism, is especially popular with lesbian travelers. There are serene beaches, unspoiled nature, and even wild horses that roam freely in some parts.

If you’re looking for a relaxing hideaway or a lesbian-friendly wedding spot, the W Resort offers same-sex ceremonies—Vieques is the place for you.

Puerto Rico is a wonderful beach destination during the winter months in the northern hemisphere.

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These are not the only places that are worth a trip this year, there are hundreds of others worldwide as well. Plan a lesbian city break during Pride weekend in a city nearby. The places mentioned above have vibrant lesbian communities to look for.

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