It Is Totally Okay To Not Shave Your Pubic Hair

It Is Totally Okay To Not Shave Your Pubic Hair

Women either prefer a smooth, shiny pubic hair free vagina or are set dead against it. Should we wax or no? Is it a healthy choice for our velvet lounge? Go ahead and read on, to diffuse this confusion.

A Pube Free Vagina Should be Your Choice:

Most of us have seen porn, and the women in it are completely hair free, even down there. As kids, this made me believe that women are attractive only if we rid, all the hair, off our bodies. There are several women like me, who wonder the same. It’s simple ladies – do not run that razor over your hoo-ha, only because you want to impress your partner, when you get naked with them. Do it for your own happiness. We all love the feel of smooth texture of legs and that’s why we remove hair from our legs. Pubic hair riddance, should also be something you love, not a mere suggestion or pressure.

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Everyone, however has their own preference, when it comes to maintaining their pubes. Brazilian, landing strip, five o’clock shadow or full bush. Amidst so many options, some of us tend to get confused as to what is to be chosen, and decide to go for nothing. We may just be happy with a little self trim session, down there.

You’re in full control of how you take care of your foliage.

Is pubic hair removal dangerous?

They say that pubic hair acts as a small size safeguard against STIs. That’s probably due to the risks some removal methods present – bacteria breeding through cuts or hair follicle exposure. Research is still taking place on this particular issue. However, do not throw condoms in the gutter or other protection methods, just because you have your carpet situated in place.

A 2015 study found that, 80 percent women endure some form of genital itching. It could be a result of razor burns or stubble, this itch. Always make sure to use a clean razor, on your wet and clean skin in the hair growth direction – also while making use of a lube. This will minimize the burn/irritation. Use a product with salicylic acid like PFB Vanish, to fight bumps and also a moisturizer to condition emerging hairs.

Also, many studies say that hair removal boosts one’s self esteem. And make them happier, from the inside. So, if a bare vagina gives you confidence, then go ahead. Since it is your delicate part of the body, be very careful and never rush it. Visit a doctor if you have any questions regarding it.

Is hair removal a sign of cleanliness?

Self love, appreciation and acceptance – we live in modern times where, these terms have a special emphasis. Those are some stunning stretch marks, what a cute cellulite and fantastic freckles mate. They are just natural, not a weird disorder. Therefore, these should be celebrated. Amidst all this though, what still remains socially less acceptable is body hair – can be legs, armpits or even nether regions. Many activists for body positivity want to challenge this notion that body hair is cringy, and it’s all a natural occurrence.

So to answer your question, no. Body hair removal is not a sign of cleanliness. Neither does it make your sex life better. The way you choose to take care of your pubes, is a personal choice. This preference will not have any impact on the fun in your love pouch.

There is definitely nothing wrong in leaving your pubes untamed. It is purely your decision to groom or not to groom. Your hygiene or sexual pleasure won’t be affected.

Bringing back the wild hair trend:

Women’s pubic hair has went through some dramatic changes. From the full bush in 70’s to the ‘Brazilian’ in 90’s, a wide range of fashion, to a somewhat recent move to the completely no-hair look, thanks to laser removal and other such new techniques. Now, there is a talk that, fashion brands/gods are favouring to bring back the full bush trend.

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We have seen many celebs post pictures of them growing their body hair. This whole trend of ‘independence for women to grow it as they like it’, was initiated by Julia Roberts, when she was absolutely exhausted and chose to attend a movie premier in a beautiful red dress, showing off her auburn armpits. This was in 1999. Since then many celebs supported this trend, like Miley Cyrus and Bella Thorne.

Remember, an entire industry sits behind our beauty processes, which base their profits on our insecurities.

All this hocus pocus aside, let’s say for example your female boss or colleague wore skirts without shaving. Or a sleeveless blouse, without shaving her armpits. Will you be okay with it and turn a blind eye? If your reaction is not, ‘Yes, we’re completely cool with it’, then may be it’s time for you folks to chill. It’s a personal choice, so don’t judge them, seriously. Change comes from within us, not the planet Mars.

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