Trans Fashion Show Features Innerwear for Better and SaferTransition

Trans Fashion Show Features Innerwear for Better and SaferTransition

Transgenders who are transitioning experience dysphoria because of the imbalance between who they are and who they want to be. The fashion designers sensitive to the needs of the Transgender community have been trying to aid them since a few years now. This one is a success story.

Carmen Liu, a 27-year-old designer from London, is the founder of GI Collection, the trans lingerie brand making the collection.

GI collection stands for ‘Get It.’ “We want you to get it – It being anything that makes your life as your true self, easier. ”

Because we want cisgender people to get it – That we are people too, that we are to be respected, and deserve the same rights and level of respect that they enjoy.

Because we want politicians to get it – That putting policies in place that help transgender people is good for society.

There are countless obstacles to being transgender, from a lack of adequate psychological support to a scarcity of information on what’s required to transition safely. There is so much more to it than simply visiting a doctor for surgery and hormones.

The GI COLLECTION was founded to tackle this issue, to ensure that all transgender people have the things they need now, will need in the future and should have had years ago.

These things include:

  • Clothing and underwear
  • Haircare products
  • Classes on various important topics
  • Vital information on how to go about transitioning safely
  • Vital information on what rights you have as a transgender person
  • Transgender friendly services such as a recruitment and talent agency.
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Trans Woman Creates World’s First Underwear Collection for Transgender Children:

The new range, which will target trans girls, features patented technology designed especially for the unique needs of trans girls and their bodies.

The children’s underwear has a choice of three colors. A yellow pair with daisies, a light blue option with white dots, and a striped white and lilac pair with a strawberry pattern.

Fabric Used:

“I have designed the kid’s underwear line with cotton and mesh fabrics, the designs differ from current kids underwear available on the market as they allow for greater hold and support for the lower body parts and are designed specifically for the needs of trans children,” Liu said.

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It will also help with the symptoms transgender children can experience from gender dysphoria and avoid any public embarrassment they can feel.

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Gender Dysphoria:

Gender dysphoria involves a conflict between a person’s sex and the gender with which he or she identifies with.

In young children can cause severe confusion and anxiety if not approached in the correct, sensitive way.

Even though the men+ community is stronger and more accepted than ever. Trans people still face discrimination, and this can be an especially terrifying ordeal for young people.

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People with gender dysphoria experience high levels of discomfort with their own bodies, and often report feeling as if it isn’t their own.

People who are transgender more than often realize that they are from a very young age. They experience gender dysphoria and this is when the majority of trans people realize this conflict.

A Trans Child Also needs Love and Support:

Parents must respect the wishes of their child by doing simple things such as using the child’s preferred gender pronoun and name, reassuring them about the love and support that they will continue to receive, and, most importantly, educating themselves about issues surrounding the trans community.

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For Trans-men and Trans-boys, wearing a binder can be useful:

Binding has been around for a few years now. This is a technique that helps reduce the appearance of a person’s chest. Transgender people might use binding to relieve gender dysphoria.

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How to use a binder safely:

  1. Measure your chest area as instructed by the supplier’s website.
  2. Listen to your body and take a break if you need to—especially in the summer when it’s hot.
  3. Talk to a professional if you experience any pain while binding.
  4. If possible, ask someone to help put on and take off your binder at first so you can learn to safely put it on correctly.
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Healthy and safe ways to do it:

1. Do not bind for more than eight to 10 hours at a time, take breaks and days off if you’re just going to be at home.

2. Do not double-bind, alternatives such as wearing two t-shirts are a healthier way to give the impression of a flatter chest.

3. Do not sleep in your binder or wear it for exercise, you can wear a swimming binder or a sports bra.

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-An alternative to wearing a binder is TransTape, which was invented by a trans guy who couldn’t find a binder that worked for him.

-You can also wear a stretched-out or looser binder, a sports bra, or layered clothing to mask your chest shape.


I’m currently training to run the New York marathon for the second year in a row, and I’m starting graduate school at Columbia University in the fall. These are things that I would not have been able to do without a binder.- R.J Russell, 31

Binding for so many of us is not negotiable and just helps us feel the way we want to feel about ourselves. We don’t need you to understand how we are feeling but need you to understand that what we are experiencing is incredibly real for us. – Cody Mancini, 21

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