This Trans Model Kisses Her Husband’s Baby Bump And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

This Trans Model Kisses Her Husband’s Baby Bump And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Popular trans woman model Danna Sultana had announced the arrival of her baby in February 2020. She is having this baby with her partner, Esteban Landrau, who is a trans male! Yes, you read that right. Dive into this story that will make you go ‘aww’ and happy weep.

Danna Sultana and Esteban Landrau:

Danna was born a man but identifies as a woman and her husband Esteban was born female and identifies as man. They are having their child through absolutely natural conception since they retained their previous sex organs. Danna only got a boob job done, while Esteban removed his.

Esteban and Danna met online many years ago, at the time they were residing in New York, USA. Esteban is a personal trainer from Cuba. Danna said that she had to leave behind her home country, Colombia, because of the discrimination she endured. Esteban told, “You do not fall in love with the physical, but with the soul”, Annova News.

This cute and happy couple revealed to the local media that they are expecting a healthy baby boy and back in March, ‘daddy’ Esteban was five months preggers.

Danna Sultana, who is originally from Bogota the capital of Colombia, shared a heartfelt message to her 218,000 followers on Instagram. “Dreams come true. Trans-pregnant, trans-mum, trans-daddy”, said Danna. Along with some snaps of their ultrasound, she also posted a picture of a smiling, happy, baby bump Esteban.

Danna shares pictures of kissing Esteban’s baby bump:

The Colombian trans model shared adorable photographs of her kissing her hubby’s baby bump which is now eight months old. She shared these pictures with the world through instagram and captionen one of them as “Love is love”.

Esteban was worried that he was experiencing contractions and was probably going into labour (premature). The pair hence immediately rushed to their local hospital. However, the doctors said that such occurrences are perfectly normal when one is eight months into their pregnancy. It’s also because their son is pretty big, added the doctors. Danna and Esteban were relieved to hear this, and then headed home to await their big ‘baby arrival’ day.

Internet showers it’s love on the to-be-parents:

Since the time the couple announced that they are pregnant on social media, this to-be-parents are receiving nothing but tons of love.

Recently, on May 25th, Danna posted a photograph on her Insta. This picture shows her posing next to Esteban’s baby bump with a caption: ‘We almost have our beloved.’

Back in February, when they shared their happiest news, Danna Sultana posted a picture of the couple smiling from cheek to cheek while holding a pregnancy test result. The caption for this photograph was ‘Dreams do come true.’

Ever since, the pair obviously received plenty of support for their journey on Danna’s insta.

The model shared a really cute video on her social handle, where Danna is caressing and kissing her man’s belly that is now bulging. Estaban is seen smiling the whole time. “I Can’t Wait”, was the caption of this video.

One of the many people who love this couple and their beautiful journey wrote a touching message on Danna’s page. ‘They are very beautiful and are giving a lot of courage to thousands of trans couples,’, said this person. Also some others have wished Esteban good health during labour. ‘What is left in that family is love! The best energy so that everything goes well in childbirth’, read the comment.

Danna and Esteban on parenting their child:

The couple revealed their baby boy’s name as ‘Ariel’, in an interview with Annova News.

Esteban said, “The baby will be raised with the gender he is born with like any other boy. Later, when he is old enough, he can be gay, heterosexual. Nothing will be hidden from him. If necessary, we will work with a psychologist.”

This right here people, Danna and Estaban’s story is one of the true examples of love is love. Their journey proves that anything is possible when the love of your life is by your side, always. It’s tales like these that ensure us that yes, true love exists. Here’s wishing them a life of full joys and good health and more babies!

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