Transgender Athletes can participate in Cross-Fit Games

The Crossfit games is an athletic competition sponsored by Cross Fit Inc and Reebok. The competition is held every summer since 2007.

The global fitness community has the Finest Athletes who have the determination to be named as the Fittest On Earth.

The games:

Athletes at the Games compete in workouts for which they train many days beforehand. The training consists of standard aerobic, weightlifting, gymnastics movements. Some additional surprise elements that are not part of the CrossFit calendar such as ocean swimming, softball throwing, etc.

The Cross fit games titles each individual winner as the “Fittest on Earth”.

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The Qualification:

The season consists of three ways to qualify:

1.The Open (open to all),

2. Sanctioned events(competitors qualified for the Games through participation previously)

3. By invitation(CrossFit Games may choose to invite up to four athletes that did not qualify the first two).


Chloie Jonsson, a 39-year-old CrossFit athlete,  was part of a team who was to qualify for the games the community’s annual fitness competition. But as a trans athlete, she’d have to compete in the men’s division, despite the medical community’s near consensus that trans women hold no advantage over cisgender competitors.

The company’s general counsel wrote an aggressive letter claiming Jonsson’s rejection was based on her gender.

Russell Berger, a high-ranking CrossFit employee, publicly equated celebration of pride as a  “sin” on Twitter.

Chloie, the transgender athlete sued CrossFit after denied entry in the fitness program’s women’s division.

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Greg Glassman, founder of the Cross-fit sustained pressure from the advocates and the public. He also said that it was “embarrassing” for the company and fired Russell Berger for the tweet.

Since then, CrossFit ultimately changed its policy last summer. And also extended support and inclusions of the transgender athletes in the games.

CrossFit admitted they’re wrong and is making it right. Glassman has become more vocal in his support for CrossFit’s LGBTQ members in recent years.

Glassman was trying subtle ways to improve the day to day experience of the Queer athletes and needed some direction towards it.

Will Lanier, a fitness trainer at the cross-fit games said, for many reasons, gyms continue to be inaccessible to the  LGBTQ+ community. We want to do all we can to bring them good health and wellness.

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Will Lanier, a fitness trainer and a member of the LGBTQ+ community is the founder of the OUT foundation.

“Our mission is to remove the barriers that block LGBTQ+ individual’s access and participation in health, wellness, and fitness to ensure their success.”

Glassman is a major donor to the foundation. The Foundation organizes public education campaigns, which can bring about a longer-term cultural shift within the sport.

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The Out Foundation focusses on four major problems that the LGBTQ+ community faces, which are:

  1. Health:

OUT health provides access to health services for the LGBTQ+ community, including gender-affirming care and more. It is important to create awareness about issues related to health among the LGBTQ+ community.

2. Education:

We work with local business communities to educate and develop a policy for welcoming and being inclusive of LGBTQ+ people.

3. Advocacy:

We fight – with you and for you – to be your authentic self in and out of sport and fitness.

4. Scholarships:

The OUT Foundation awards yearly gym memberships and more tools to succeed.

The scholarship program gives free cross-fit membership to the low-income LGBTQ+ community and a separate fund helps offset the cost of gender-affirming surgeries for the trans athletes.

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Out – athlete:

In the Out Athlete Program, The Foundation provides LGBTQ+ young adults with year-long gym memberships.

We work closely with the scholarship recipients, providing weekly goal coaching and nutrition counseling, 3 months of healthy meals, custom apparel and footwear to set up the athlete for a huge success.


Out Health programs from The OUT Foundation support our mission by removing the barriers that block the LGBTQ+ community from living their true, authentic selves.

Health services to the LGBTQ+ community by partnering with New York’s Comprehensive Team of Health Professionals.

We fund gender-affirming surgeries and maintain a dedicated fund for ancillary services for transgender patients.

In addition to funding surgeries, we also work with underprivileged patients and give them medical requirements. Also, develop post-operation care including complimentary dedicated fitness classes for newly transitioned patients, support groups, make-up tutorials, and career workshops.

It is also important for our trans siblings to be comfortable in their bodies and ultimately celebrate their bodies.

Crossfit’s change in the policy will certainly have a larger trend in the athletic world. Trans athletes were first allowed to compete in the Olympics in 2004, provided they had undergone sex assignment surgery.

For the 2016 Olympics, new policies removed the surgery requirement. Trans men can compete without restriction, while trans women must undergo hormone therapy and demonstrate lowered hormone levels for at least a year before competing.

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Cross-fit is yet to figure out the policies for 2019. According to Will Lanier, director of the Out Foundation, an LGBTQ+ health group which has been consulting with cross-fit, says that the company has considered adopting similar rules. Like requiring a year of hormone therapy and restricting trans athletes from switching back to competing as their gender assigned at birth.

However, the above policy will certainly help trans athletes take part in the games and compete with other athletes proving their ability.

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