Truth About Oral Sex: Here’s All You Need To Know

Truth About Oral Sex: Here’s All You Need To Know

Oral sex in biological terms is known or oral intercourse. While the common synonyms you might have heard are giving head, or going down. The synonyms are endless. However, they all mean the same thing.

Oral sex is any kind of physical activity where a person’s tongue, mouth, and libs come in contact with their partner’s genitals. There is probably no need to explain how oral sex works. However, there are certain things to keep in mind when you are indulging in oral sex.

Most of us are aware of using protection during penetrating sex. This is usually to avoid unwanted pregnancies and contracting sexually transmitted infections. But not all of us know about using protection during oral sex.

Moreover, most people are not used to wearing condoms during oral sex. Mainly because flavored, latex condoms in the mouth are not something most people would relate to.

Well, let us look at some commonly asked questions that explain more about oral sex.

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Wearing a condom during oral sex

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A very frequently thought of question is: Should you wear a condom during oral sex?

Well, it is often perceived that oral sex is less risky when compared to penetrative sex or sometimes called “real sex”. Even though you cannot get pregnant while giving head, you can most definitely catch sexually transmitted. Hence, a condom. The main purpose of the condom is to prevent these STI’s.

Moreover, the risks are more if you have bleeding gums, mouth, vaginal or penile sores. However, the risks are lower than vaginal or anal sex. But there is still the risk of transmission. More people need to be aware of this issue.

Throat cancer?

Some people have this thought that having unprotected ora sex can cause throat cancer. However, directly indulging in the act does not lead to throat cancer. But it can spread HPV (Human papillomavirus). This HPV will increase the possibility of cancer.

The HPV virus triggers-cancerous changes in the cells. This is known to be one of the leading risk factors for cancer of the mouth.

There are many strains of HPV that can cause infection. And some of these are cancer-causing. If you are infected with a particular strain of the virus, you have a higher chance of contracting throat cancer.

Don’t be alarmed, there are ways by which you can protect yourself from this sexually transmitted infection even during oral sex.

Protection is always important

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As mentioned earlier, the risk of catching nasty STIs during oral sex is very less as compared to vaginal or anal sex. However, the risks are still there. If you are not careful during oral intercourse, you may get any of the STIs that you might catch through normal intercourse. These include:

  1. Human immunodeficiency virus (commonly known as HIV)
  2. Chlamydia
  3. Herpes
  4. Syphilis
But do not worry, you can prevent this from happening. All you have to do is safeguard yourself against these STIs. One way you can do so is by always wearing a condom or dental dams while indulging in the act. It may be oral or vaginal.
However, condoms do not cover all the genital tissues of the penis but they still provide a considerable amount of protection. One can also try using latex or polyurethane female condoms or dental dams while going down on a woman. These dental dams cover the labia, clitoris, and vagina. However, they are not easily available in the market. But they can be made by cutting the tip and the ring of the penis and making a square out of the latex.

Get tested

Condoms are a good way to avoid sexually transmitted infections. However, it is better to encourage each other to get tested every two weeks or so. Especially after having unprotected sex. Getting a regular check-up can improve one’s health otherwise as well. As the famous saying goes it is better to be safe than sorry.

Health check-ups are not so expensive and insurance can cover the fees of the hospital. Try getting yourself checked once in a while to avoid problems in the future.

Sex toys are a good way to go

Some of you out there might not be into dental dams and condoms. But that does not mean you should avoid oral intercourse altogether. For those who do not like condoms or dental damn, we suggest you stick to mutual masturbation or you can also use sex toys.

Sex toys are fun and make the experience more engaging. Moreover, they are safe and clean and avoid many sexually transmitted infections. Sex toys are also easily available online and in local stores.

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