The Real Truth About ‘Orgasm Gap’

The Real Truth About ‘Orgasm Gap’

A study conducted in 2016 by the Sexual Behaviour Archives revealed that ninety five percent men always orgasm while sex, when compared to the sixty five percent women. “The number-one reason for the orgasm gap — and it’s not the only one — is our cultural ignorance of the clitoris,” Mintz told NBC News BETTER.

Laurie Mintz,  is the author of  “Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters — And How to Get It,”

What is Orgasm Gap?

It’s honestly really simple – an orgasm gap is nothing but men having more orgasms than women, a heterosexual sexual encounter.

Women, who have lesbian sex, have found to have more orgasms when compared to straight women. However for men, orgasm rates are the same for any sexual orientation.

When it comes to masturbation, women tend to have more orgasms than when with a partner. Women always orgasm while masturtbation, it is said. It is also a known fact that very few women experience their big O, with a partner.

The Clitoris:

Just imagine – a closed petals flower. And inside this flower, there exists a nub which branches out into two velvety legs. This is how Sophia Wallace, an artist and feminist, describes the female body part that leads to a great pleasurable experience. Not your vag, but the vulva, and specifically the outer clit. This “nub” inside the vulva (flower) consists of 8,000 nerve endings.

“The bulbs of the clitoris surround the vagina, and that’s why — when the clitoris is engaged and aroused — penetration can feel amazing, but when it’s not aroused, it can feel really uncomfortable, or like nothing, because the sensation and pleasure comes from the clitoris, not the vagina,” Wallace said to NBC News BETTER.

In Greek, the word clit stands for “key”. Pretty descriptive, since the clit is the human organ that is purely responsible for the big O and it’s pleasures. Wallace says that the clit is often seen as a tiny button inside the vulva, and this is a wrong view.

The Real Truth About 'Orgasm Gap'
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“The clitoris is not this little nub on the outside of the vulva,” she said, “but is actually this large internal organ comprised of erectile tissue that’s similar in scale to the penis.”

For the last seven years, Wallace has worked tirelessly on showcasing the importance of the clit. Through her art projects such as “Cliteracy” and her media mixed project “Cliteracy, 100 Natural Laws.”

The artist also added that most humans are surprised to see what the clit really looks like.

“They never know the true anatomy,” says Wallace.  “They never know anything about it. That tells me there’s so much more work that needs to be done.”

Sophia’s 2015 TEDx Talk on this same topic has nearly 120,000 views to date.

Less Importance To The Female Orgasm: 

Mintz blames, “inequality in the bedroom” , “media images of sex” (for example porn) and “cultural over-privileging of male sexuality and a devaluing of female sexuality” for this orgasm gap. She teaches human sexuality psychology to several hundreds of students each year.

She said that almost all women require stimulation of the clit, like touching and oral sex, for getting their big O. But it’s depiction is often never.

“Instead,” she said, “what we see is women having these fast and fabulous orgasms from intercourse alone.”

An internet survey was conducted by the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy in 2015.  This survey received more than a 1000 responses from U.S. According to this published report, 36% of females have reported that clitoral stimulation led them to orgasms during sex. But, only 18% have reported to have experienced orgasms during intercourse alone.

Women could experience orgasms, only if they receive a good amount of oral sex. Along with deep kissing and intercourse. As per the study by Archives of Sexual Behavior, it’s shown that women are more likely to give oral sex than receive it.

The myths around g-spot:

Mintz says that g spot is nothing but a mysterious spot within the vagina – basically a myth. It is this myth that’s at the center of the misconception that women must orgasm by just intercourse only.

She said the “g spot” is very real, and misunderstood.

The Real Truth About 'Orgasm Gap'
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“It’s an area in the upper right side of the vagina, and it’s an area which includes a lot of structures, including the legs of the clitoris, including the female prostate glands, including the wall of the vagina,” said Mintz.

“What I’m trying to fight against is the pervasive myth that orgasms from vaginal penetration are better, more ideal, the right way.  Including the ‘g spot’ …” told Mintz, “when in fact the vast majority of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.”

For a true pleasurable experience:

A great sexual experience is when both parties involved give and take, explains Mintz. That is give and receive oral sex after, during or/and before intercourse.

“Forget this myth of orgasming from the same act at the same time,” says Mintz. “Adopt a different way of doing sex.”

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