Six Things You Can Try With Your LGBTQ+ Partner In 2020

Six Things You Can Try With Your LGBTQ+ Partner In 2020

New year, new rules. Okay, maybe that is a push too far. How about a new year, revived rules? A relationship requires effort and time to strengthen it. A bit of forgiveness and then some apologies too. And often, we clear things as situations arise. But during this time of the year, you can sit down and recollect every moment that has passed by with your partner. And bring in a new tune to your relationship. And every relationship can use a refresher once in a while.

There are a few things that are common to every relationship. And here are six things that you can try with your partner in the coming year.

Helping each other with diets:

By this, we don’t only mean pushing each other to eat healthier each day. And we are definitely not suggesting bizarre diet plans that kill your health. This is specifically for those who are HIV poz, are taking hormones, and undergoing surgeries that help them transition. The body undergoes severe changes in all of these cases and having a partner to help with that is always a boon. It can get frustrating and tantrums can be common. But approaching the matter in a practical manner without being too overbearing can help elevate the mood in your relationship.

Sharing A Wardrobe:

One of the cuter things to do in a relationship is to share a wardrobe. It is convenient for same-sex couples to follow this, but it doesn’t matter if you are gay or not. Get some unisex pieces that both of you can share. Sharing clothes is simply another way of remembering your loved one, or reminding your loved one that you love them. Their scents sometimes linger in the clothes and there is absolutely nothing like it when you miss them.

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Try Something New:

Okay, the LGBT+ community only has a few spaces where they can completely and freely be themselves. It is usually limited to the clubs and restaurants where people don’t stare at you. So instead of places, invest in an experience. This could be simple things like trying to strip dance on your anniversary or your partner’s birthday. You could also try to have new rituals in place that helps you bond better. Drunk quizzes, sexy board games, or watching your partner’s favorite set of movies and make a whole day out of it. Giving each other a massage, or even going to the salon together can be an experience to share.


Getting presents is always such a delight, but gifting will make your heart all tingly and happy when you see your partner unwrap it. So mark your calendar, and make notes of dates that you consider important. Go a bit off track and mark dates that are not your anniversary or birthday. Maybe your first date, the first time you ever kissed, and don’t be afraid to simply bring them a gift. But if you really need rules, you can gift your partner four different gifts each year. One to celebrate an occasion, another one to celebrate your relationship. A third one to celebrate them, and a fourth one because something reminded you of them. Plan it beforehand if you need to and make sure you appreciate them.

Pro-tip for those who are transitioning, get them gendered gifts that show them that you accept them for who they are.

Travel and Make Moments

Plan at least one event a year and dedicate it to your partner. Make it all about them. Travel to a place they have always wanted to go, and surprise them with nice and cute things. Make a moment. You may not be entirely successful, but make your effort matter. Really show them you care. Traveling can really help people bond and the experiences will show you how much you rely on each other and want each other’s company.

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Pay Heed:

Listening to your partner is one of the most understated ways to show you love them. A lot goes on in our lives, and some of them really make an impact. Sometimes, your partner is showing you signs. Signs of want, desire, disappointment or insecurity. Pay heed to their mannerisms and help them become better. Be a partner who supports and encourages your partner to grow. You know their flaws, you know their struggles, do your bit without having being asked and don’t expect gratitude. Do it out of love, and do it because you want to.

Be Nice To Your Partner:

The world is sufficiently brutal. And as members of the LGBT+ community, the struggles only get harder. Make a pact between the two of you, have each other’s back. Put your fights on pause when your partner is fighting someone or something else. Remember that you are a team, and fight together against the problem. The world has infinite possibilities, and love is rare. Cherish it and make it work.



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