Twitterati Supported The Boy Putting Makeup On His Face

Twitterati Supported The Boy Putting Makeup On His Face

Social media is not just a technology for communicating or entertainment. It’s now an online “home.” It has had a profound cultural impact is gender relations, especially in highly conservative societies where this has enabled young women and men to establish sustained and direct contact with each other. Social media also gives people a chance to connect and interact with absolute strangers, which was previously difficult or impossible.

The universality of social media platforms has given people the opportunity to be more open and honest than ever before. It has given people the power to show others exactly how they want to be portrayed. Especially on Twitter, we can see every now and then, the shifting of gender roles and accepted masculinity. Social media is a new way to express cultural difference rather than a technology that has made the world more homogeneous.

When a twitter user @JuSaSiMPLe_man posted a picture of his son wearing makeup putting a hypothetical question about how a parent would react, this is what happened:

Although the tweet was deleted, before that, it received an overwhelming 5.5 k replies.

The tweet received some mean comments but the majority of the responses was positive highlighting to focus on the quality of the boy rather than focusing on the fact that he is putting makeup on his face.

The overwhelming responses gave a very obvious message that it is more important to love your son rather than judging him over what he wants to do. However, people won’t tolerate if you put on wrong makeup.

Social media has become a great open forum, allowing us to express our individualities. Everyone can voice their opinions and learn from each other. As a result, we become more accepting of others beliefs and identities. These platforms give us multiple opportunities, in many different ways, to display ourselves however we want to.


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