Pretty Little Liars Actor Tyler Blackburn Comes Out Bisexual

Pretty Little Liars Actor Tyler Blackburn Comes Out Bisexual

Former Pretty Little Liars actor Tyler Blackburn recently came out as bisexual. The actor has had a long battle with identifying and expressing about his sexuality. The 32 years old star opened up about his sexuality during an interview with The Advocate.

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“I’m queer”, he said. “I’ve identified as bisexual since teenager”.

The actor confessed that coming to terms with his sexuality has taken years as it is something that he has struggled with since his childhood. Blackburn shared that his childhood had always been clouded with self-doubt and he would often get bullied by the other boys for being effeminate.


“I stopped doing so many of the things that I love doing because it felt safer. That right there is an outcome of oppression. when you literally have to mute who you are in order to feel safe”, he said while remembering his childhood. He said that the experience was soul crushing.

Blackburn explained that he had dated quite a few women during his 20s. However, he always had an underlying curiosity about dating men. He had faced pressure from both the straight and gay community to remain sexually binary. It was towards the end of PLL that Blackburn decided to experience and embrace the vulnerability and emotions of bisexuality.

He is currently acting as Stg. Alex Manes in the show Rosewell, New Mexico. Stg. Manes is a gay military veteran and an amputee. “I knew this guy in and out”, Blackburn expressed. He felt that he could relate to the feeling of oppression and wanting to be accepted for who he is. Blackburn said that his role in the sic-fic show helped him embrace his sexuality.


His journey doesn’t end here. Tyler Blackburn is all set to embrace his sexuality. “I just want to feel powerful in my own skin”, he said to The Advocate magazine.

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