The Types of Gay Kisses You Would See This New Years!

The Types of Gay Kisses You Would See This New Years!

Whether you kissed your gay partner under the mistletoe or whether you plan on a kiss on New Year’s Eve, you know who your favorite is and why. But if you can go back and think about all the types of kisses there are, here are the top broad categories!

Kissing is such an intimate act. You will always remember the best and the worst ones. But let’s stick to the nice ones this time so you remember to check yourself before you head out to kiss your partner after the midnight countdown!

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 The Kisses with the Tongue

When this person begins to kiss, you feel your mouth come alive and things move all around. Kisses with tongue involved usually reflect extremely passionate or drunk kissing. And they are both great possibilities on New Year’s night. So when you lock lips with one of this kind, you know it will cost you some energy and time. Remember to keep your glass empty when you begin to kiss so you don’t spill your drink.


Peck Peck and another Peck

If you are one of those people who look for a physical intensity while kissing, this guy will disappoint. But it can be really cute occasionally. Especially if you have just begun dating and are not very sure how to do things. And if you’re surrounded by people and want to keep out of the PDA, a peck is the perfect type of kiss.

Kissing The Top

As soon as you kiss this one, you know his position on the bed. This is the kiss that will melt you into a muddle and make you want to obey. The aggression behind the kiss will leave you feeling wanted and taken care of all at the same time. So if you want a kiss like this, or are kisser like this, know for sure that you will be grabbing some eyeballs.


The Long Wet Kiss

You know when you haven’t kissed for a really long time, and you have zero inhibitions? You just want to kiss for as long as you can, and you really don’t care for looking very “modest”? Yes, we’ve all been there and done those. But if you’re getting one of these on New Year’s Eve, be ready to have your makeup smudged! Saliva all over the place, and maybe even the sense that your mouth is too small for their big sloppy kiss, the long wet kiss is a lot like puppy love. Intense and just a tad bit cringey.

The Shy First Timer

Fresh off the boat, these will be delivered by those who have never kissed before. They often don’t know how close or far to hold you, and will probably be confused about where the hands go. This could also mean that you have to take control of the kiss and let that little baby breathe a little. Usually soft, unsure, or too rough, the shy first timer’s kiss is a charm for its innocence.


It’s All Good!

The kisses that make you believe everything is good with the world, does not really matter what kind, how sloppy, or wet it is, and it is mostly not even about the kiss at this point. You remember the moment, the space, and the warmth that the kiss brings to you, so much so that the kiss is negligible. But as long as the feeling is right, does it actually matter?


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The Perfect One

Hells yes! The perfectionist who gives you kisses that will blow your mind. The perfect amounts of everything that mount up to exactly what you have ever imagined. You can expect to get these from someone who has any kind of experience and alters according to situation and time. No more, no less, these are the kind of kisses you see in movies and pray for one! And we hope you get exactly that this new year!


One Of A Kind

A kisser who knows just one type of kiss. There may not be any spice or novelty involved in this, and you can always expect it to stay the same. But if you have a comfort zone, and this is it, this kisser will not disappoint you ever. Different occasions call for different types of kisses, but with this one, you know exactly what you will receive and align yourself exactly to that.

The Drunk Kiss

Unplanned, and sometimes uncalled for, the drunk kiss is a cannot miss out! The drunk kiss will make you feel like a teen on the inside and push you to let down your inhibitions. And honestly, who really cares what type of kiss it is as long as you’re getting some from someone you like on New Year’s Eve?


Let us know if we have missed out on any!


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