Types Of Relationships: Which One Are You In?

Types Of Relationships: Which One Are You In?

First things first, not all romantic relationships are same. Neither are all relationships meant to last forever. We juggle through few dating experiences – if not many – before we find our “the one”. And decide to settle down once and for all. Well some people NEVER find love, and even if they do it’s too late, universe is a clear bitch to them and let’s just move on now because I won’t stop my rant and it’s a discussion for another day.

However did you know there are various other types of relationships; which knowingly or unknowingly you’ve experienced at some point in your life? No? Dive in to find out then.

The Independent Relationship:

You generally think you’re a “power couple.”  In reality what you are is this: two people who don’t want to sacrifice and compromise for their relationship. In any given circumstance, you always put yourself before your partner, and visa versa. You both give first preference to your careers or your own separate social lives. And you make plans to meet only when it’s convenient for the both of you. This goes without saying, but love is never your first priority.

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Independency is not a bad quality. But too much of anything is always bad. Especially if you’re in a serious relationship, sacrifices and compromises are the key to a long lasting happy life together. Independence is definitely not the quality you want to show off; too much independence is never a good sign. Time to sit back and consider things if this is the case.

The Codependent Relationship:

In this type of relationship, your partner or you or both just can’t seem to function without each other. Depression and anxiety are the common things you’ll feel when you’re not around one other. Such dependency results in ruining the other parts of your life. You tend to go out of the way and take extreme decisions like cancel a family trip or a friend’s hangout session which was planned ages ago. All this to keep this person’s love. There are people who even refuse great job opportunities, just to have more time with your partner.

The Open Relationship:

A part of the modern dating culture and modern times, open relationships provide you and your partner with the liberty to see other people; outside the relationship you’re already in. Two people can be in a open relationship, until they decide to go exclusive.  

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If this is the kind of relationship you and your partner are in, then it is possible that either one or both of you are not fully ready for an emotional commitment. It’s why this relationship usually ends soon too.

The Changing Relationship:

A relationship in which the parties involved constantly keep changing their interest, lifestyle, hobbies, routines and even buddies to adjust to each other is defined as changing. In other words, they simply change themselves for their partner.

Relationships need compromise, adjustments as well as acceptance. If the person you’re with requires that you change everything about yourself, then it’s time to reconsider the relationship. A person who loves you for you, is the one that truly deserves you.

The “Just For Now” Relationship:

This is the kind of relationship people find themselves in, when they aren’t looking for anything particularly serious. All they need at the moment is a fun partner who’s temporary. This might be because they just want to heal from a bad break, or simply got out of a long term relationship.

The Toxic Relationship:

Okay, so this is the relationship which is the most exhausting.  It will leave you emotionally, mentally drained and physically immobile. In a toxic relationship, the people involved are extremely attracted to each other, but when it comes to morals, opinions and integrity – they stand on the opposite ends. And because of this, they usually end up fighting with each other.

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They manage to always bring out the worst in each other. But at the same time, they just can’t seem to stay away from each other as well. You’re always on edge in such relationships. It’s like a doing drugs: the highs are high and the lows are the worst, they leave you shattered.

The Compatible Relationship:

Last but not the least, this is the one relationship we all hope and dream to be in. To find that one person who we are absolutely compatible with. Now, a compatible relationship requires trust, understanding and love. The two people in this relationship are ready for any sacrifices for each other and have immense respect too. This is the picture perfect, healthy relationship.

And luckily some have managed to find it at some point in their life – youth, middle age or when they get old. Age is just a number for love right?

Remember that most of us aren’t truly ready for a relationship. And that’s okay. For whatever reasons, we are not emotionally present. Figure it out yourself before you decide to commit to someone. If you’re always going to be one foot out the door, then it’s not fair for other person to deal with your baggage.

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