UN ends torture, murder, discrimination of LGBTQ+

UN ends torture, murder, discrimination of LGBTQ+

Same sex couples, bisexuals, transgenders and others still face many problems in their countries. There is news of torture, murder and discrimination of these individuals everyday. It is better to end this today than save it for later. UN took steps to eradicate these problems in the long run. UN has instructed countries to stop discrimination by making it legal for gay sex couples to have sex. Also they came up with laws that stop torture and prevent conversion therapy.

The UN has also made it a law to recognize same sex couples and offer them benefits is the same way as opposite sex couples. This is done by offering civil unions, civil partnerships and allow same sex marriages.

In a recently published report, the United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights has sent a clear message to its 193 member states to pass these laws. A treat has already been signed for these countries to comply. And the LGBTQ+ have been given a commitment to these rights.

But there are still abut 70 countries that are against passing these laws. These are those countries that criminalize homosexuality and trans rights. As they are less advanced, compared to the others. The UN demands countries like US, UK, Australia and few parts of Europe to forbid conversion therapy or also called ‘gay cures’. And adopt these law changes. Only a few have a nationwide ban but The UN requires all countries to make the change.

United Nations takes a step towards various discrimination. ends torture, murder, discrimination of LGBTQ+
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The UN has documented various violations against individuals from the LGBTQ+ communities.

Many instances in regions around the world include brutal killings, sexual violence and beating, hatred towards individuals. While others documented include detention and imprisonment. Some regions also show abuses in these detention and medical centers. Bullying, discrimination and many more issues are some that need attention. Therefore UN has come up with 5 main instructions that countries need to comply with their law. They are mentioned below.

The first one is stopping violence.

Hate crime laws that protect people based on sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristic. These laws are a must have in countries. Furthermore, local authorities must record and report any violent crimes and strictly prosecute attackers. This can make a huge difference in reducing crime around areas. Just a little pressure makes a difference. It also makes people aware of the situation so they can be able to protect themselves.

Secondly, torture and ill treatment of LGBTQ+ must end.

Medicine seems like a form of torture in these times. Doctors perform anal probe tests on people they suspect of having anal sex. The procedure is degrading and painful to all. Moreover, these test don’t show any results. They are just a form of torture. Furthermore, countries are forcing transgenders to be sterilized. And doctors perform surgery on intersex children without any consent. UN also considers conversion therapies to be unacceptable. In order to end these tortures, UN has implemented these bans on countries. Hence, they have asked authorities to investigate and punish anyone who breaches these laws. Training given to healthcare providers and other officials will clear these issues.

To bring about equality, same sex marriages will be allowed. ends torture, murder, discrimination of LGBTQ+
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Same sex marriages prove controversial. The UN insists that countries recognize same sex marriages or offer civil partnership or civil unions. Transgenders are being discriminated because of their identity. They should be able to recognize their identity without the use of abusive treatments. And a more administrative approach is advisable. Moreover, medical classifications that characterize LGBTQ+ identities as sick or disorderly would be eradicated.The UN believes the only way to fight discrimination is by properly educating the officials and the public of such issues.

The UN passes a ban on anti LGBTQ laws.

The United Nations says to make gay sex legal in countries. And give equal consent for both gay and straight couples. Those laws that stop people from expressing their gender identities are to be scraped. The main aim is to stop LGBTQ harassment. And arresting of people based on their gender identities.

Allow LGBTQ people to express through protests. ends torture, murder, discrimination of LGBTQ+
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The last step taken by the UN is to lift bans on parades and other LGBTQ events. This will help individuals express freely. And eradicate censorship. In addition, countries would help in building these communities.

LGBTQ communities have a way of expressing themselves through parades and other events. Finally, the countries should protect against any thugs or public officials attacking or discriminating them.

These 5 bans that The United Nations has imposed would bring about a huge change in stopping violence against LGBTQ+ communities.

Let us know what you think about these bans and how you think they would effect the society?

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