The Vagina Diaries: Myths That We Need To Bust

The Vagina Diaries: Myths That We Need To Bust

Myths around the vagina have been here for ages. In the ancient days, there were many gory tales doing the rounds about clawed and toothed vaginas . Then recently in this 20th century, sexist advertisements have constantly warned women about how they’d lose their partners if they chose not to douche. Today, Instagram and wellness influencers such as gurus exist, who are pushing the glitter capsules and vaginal jade eggs.

Most people dismiss these instances easily as ridiculous. But, several of vaginal myths are not just funny distractions. Time and again, we have been pointing out the fact such dumb myths will have many real and damaging consequences, whenever people believe them.

Let’s debunk a few of the common vaginal misconceptions right now!

Myth 1: Cleaning Your ‘Love Pouch’ With Special Products Is Necessary

For many decades, feminine hygiene and health product makers have completely exploited this myth. The truth is, NO. Your pink taco IS NOT DIRTY. All such brands have made it seem like you must and should clean your vagina with scented washes, douches and wipes to get rid of its natural odor.

The vagina is by nature designed to cleanse itself. Using such hard products might just do more damage. Furthermore they could cause itching, irritation and can even increase the chances of yeast infections in your vag.

“I hope that in my lifetime we can really break the myth that the vagina is a gross place,” said gynecologist Alyssa Dweck to the Insider. “That’s myth number one in my eyes.”

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“When you start adding tons of fragrant products, wipes or douches in particular; you really disturb the natural balance of microbes that are supposed to be in the vagina,” Dweck added.

“If women want to clean their vulva — the external genitalia — using a mild soap and warm water, that is fine,” Dweck added. “But thinking that you need to get the loofah; and some highly fragrant, harsh detergent and use them in the vagina — that’s not necessary.”

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Myth 2: A Tampon Could Get Lost In Your Lady Cave:

The vaginal tube which travels to the cervix (i.e. the down portion of uterus) – it only dilates (exapands) while giving birth to a child. The rest of the time it remains shut. So you really cannot get anything or anyone stuck in your pum pum. Tampons to condoms to human parts.

However, one can definitely forget the tampon in there for days or sometimes even weeks. In such a case, it’s best advised to consult a doctor and get it removed properly in his/her guidance.

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“However, women often will forget to remove a tampon and it can get lost in the sense that they can’t get it out,” added Dweck. “It basically gets caught up in the top of the vagina and the string is no longer easily felt.”

“Someone comes in and says, ‘I have the worst odor of my life. I don’t know what it’s from,'” Dweck told. “We usually can tell from down the hall that there’s a retained tampon that might have been there for a long time. It’s not that uncommon.”

Myth 3: Something Is Not Right With Your Sugar Cookie If You Fail To Orgasm In Vaginal Sex

Yale University’s gynecologist, Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, wrote in her guide to women’s reproductive health that several females require stimulation of the clit to experience orgasms. Incase you find yourself under this category of women, then do not worry. You’re not alone and you’re definitely not weird. There’s plenty of company for you and your giggle snuff.   

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Many doctors and sex researchers however, debate that there exists no such things as “orgasm of the vagina”. They instead claim that each and every female orgasm occurs due to indirect or direct clitoral stimulations. Once you understand the fact that most of a woman’s clit is stuffed inside of the body, this fact makes more sense.

“The clitoris is not just the one little spot,” Dweck told. “It also has these legs, if you will. They’re called crurae and they extend down into the labia minora underneath the skin. You don’t really see them, but they’re there.”

Myth 4: Childbirth Stretches Your Hips-Lips, ‘loosening’ it.

First of all, the vaginal canal is an elastic which has the capacity to expand and snap back, just like your rubber band. They can stretch to a great deal while giving birth to a child; irrespective of the size of your little bundle of happiness. Following the delivery, a woman’s vagina might feel dry, painful, swollen and loose. But it should and will return to its pre-baby shape, all in a span of six months post delivery. The same logic applies for sex. It cannot make a woman’s vaginal canal “loose”.

That said, aging might have some of its effects on the vag too. Proper workouts like pelvic floor exercises will help you keep your vagazzle muscles healthy and toned.

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