Virgin Embraces LGBT+

Virgin Embraces LGBT+

The British LGBT community recently conferred a special recognition award to Virgin Atlantic for being one of the most LGBT+ friendly businesses in Britain.

Virgin Atlantic Vice President Mr. Mark Anderson received the award on behalf of the group’s chairman Richard Branson. Virgin has always stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the LGBT+ community and conducts support campaigns from time to time. It recently revealed the results of one such study done on ‘how the LGBT+ community is treated on holiday’.

While Virgin has always prided itself on being an open, inclusive and equal opportunities employer, having conquered the West where the fault lines are fairly faint, Virgin now seems to be shifting its focus onto largely Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries where LGBT+ rights still largely remain non-existent, regressive, criminalized and many-a-times punishable with death.

Virgin CEO Branson, recently remarked that he is proud of Virgin’s inclusiveness from the start and is also happy that erstwhile company owned nightclub ‘Heaven’ was indeed quite popular and a safe haven for members of the LGBT+ community to enjoy at and dance the blues away. He fondly reminisced of the times when Virgin employees proudly take to the streets of London in solidarity with the community at ‘pride’ marches.


Branson dreams of a world where businesses eventually come together to embrace diversity and function as global citizens who reshape and rethink the attitudes of the world, one prejudiced country at a time. He urges other businesses to be as inclusive and stand up for equality in all walks of life.

Written by:- Delshad Master

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