What Gender Do You Attract?

What Gender Do You Attract?

Gender stands for the wide range of characteristics related to and/or differentiating amin femininity and masculinity. It honestly depends on the context. The characteristics may or may not involve biological sex , gender roles, and obviously sexual identities. Almost all cultures use the term ‘binary’, which basically chalks down genders to only male or female.  And all the others who fall outside these two are termed as non binary or queer.  South Asian countries have other genders outside the binary like hijras. They are often called as third or fourth gender etc.

The one who introduced distinction in terminologies when it comes to gender and biological is John Money, a sexologist. He brought this difference to the table back in 1955. Before this, the usage of it was highly uncommon. Only for grammatical purposes, this word came into picture. Furthermore, Money’s definition of this term did not gain fame until the 70s. Only after the feminist theories embraced this concept of difference between societal definition of gender and sex, Money’s meaning became widespread. However, as of today this meaning is followed in so many contexts. Especially in the documents and social sciences written by the World Health Organization.

This concept of gender, is a very recent human invention in our history. Ancient world never had any basis for understanding as it is now. Because of the social sciences and humanities in the recent few decades. The association of this term is a common finding when we look back on our history. It only recently moved into malleable culture between the 50s and 60s.

Enough with this history class, now take this survey to find out what gender you seem to attract!

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