What it Takes to Become A Transqueen, A Transgender Woman Tells You

What it Takes to Become A Transqueen, A Transgender Woman Tells You

A majority of the Indian population has interacted with transgender on a daily basis. On the streets. When they knock on the car window and ask for money. Since this is the situation they are forced to live in, not many transgender women get to lead their lives they would want. And yet we are here, with a success story. A story that talks about the places your confidence can take you. A tale that looks at conquering hurdles and striving to be better each day.

The narrator of the story is Silk, the first runner-up of Alina Trans-queen India. A trans-woman from India who decided to empower herself and women like her instead of paying attention to society’s rules and thoughts.

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I had to face many problems since my childhood because of my sexuality and gender.

Initially, I wanted to become a teacher but when I got teased by my classmates who asked if they should call me ‘sir’ or ‘madam’, my dream crashed. That instance left me feeling humiliated and I felt really bad. I then decided to do something and show the world that I am not lesser than anyone else. And then I got an opportunity. I had the chance to present my talent to society. And make them see that trans-women are not made for begging or being sex workers. I wanted to show that we can do a lot of things as well as any other gender. That is how I started my career in the pageantry, and I am proud to say that I am the first runner up of Alina Miss Trans India 2019.

When I was given that title, my friends were so happy. We celebrated my victory! My friends are very helpful and always encourage me to follow my dreams. But it was not the same with my parents. They did not allow me to enter the pageantry because they were afraid. They thought I would be exposed and society will talk about them. Being a Muslim transgender woman and getting this level of exposure was unacceptable to the family and society. Even though my parents did not support my participation initially, when I came back winning the title, they were happy. They accepted me and encouraged me to grow and make them proud.

Why I chose the name Silk

I decided to name myself Silk because I wanted something that reflected my personality. Something bold. I also love Silk Smitha, and when Vidya Balan played her in Dirty Picture, I loved Vidya Balan as well. So my friends suggested that I should change my name to Silk. I think Silk is something beautiful and luxurious.

Journey into the pageantry.

I would consider a few things important to enter a competition like this. According to me dedication and concentration are really important. And one must be willing to sacrifice a few things to reach the top. Your eating habits, lifestyle and your daily schedule have to be changed according to the pageantry requirements. Disciplining yourself is important. Another thing to remember is to be updated about trends and fashion. Everyone wants to be the winner in their life, and I have always given my 100% for everything in my life. It was the same in the pageantry.

You have to remember to always exhibit confidence and to never give up. Your dedication to your goals will make sure you achieve them. Exclusive/What it Takes to Become A Transqueen, A Transgender Woman Tells You

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Does Pageantry help push forward the ideas of LGBTQ+?

The LGBTQ+ believes everyone deserves equal chances, rights, and freedom. And I second it. I believe that we should be treated equally in society. As a part of the LGBTQ+, the transgender community should also get the opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams, just like everyone else. This will also help educate people. They will learn that trans-women can do so much if they are given opportunities and chances. That they can also do things out of the box. They will understand that there are many beautiful, strong, and talented trans-women who are successful.

Here are 5 things that pageantry taught me, that have affected how I lead my life daily.

1. Groom like a model.
2. Dress like an actress
3. Always be humble and kind to all
4. Be dedicated to your goals
5. Work hard Exclusive/What it Takes to Become A Transqueen, A Transgender Woman Tells You

After the pageantry, a lot of people began to follow me on my Social Media handles. My presence on social media gives me exposure, and I think, it also gives them exposure. I receive messages from many transgender women on Instagram. They tell me that they find me inspiring, they also say they like my sense of fashion and my style. This motivates me to continue doing what I do and become better each day.


Thoughts on FSOG

It is a great platform for all LGBTQ people to open up and be who they are. I think Fifty Shades Of Gay provides opportunities to the young generation and allows them to get recognized in society. The platform allows people from the community to show their talent to the world. I am thankful to FSOG for what they do for the community. Great job guys.


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