What’s it Like To Date A Indian Bisexual Girl?

What’s it Like To Date A Indian Bisexual Girl?

This time, we decided to get stories from the most common voices we could think of. After a year of Section 377 being decriminalised, we were sure to find a few voices. Voices that had something new to share, and some first-time stories that are true to heart. This time it’s about dating an Indian bisexual girl.

So here is a story of a boy… man, an adult, okay, maybe an adult-ish chap who shares his experience about dating an Indian Bisexual girl. I have taken the liberty to state that he has never dated before and this was his first-ever relationship.

Hi, Srinivasa here.

I am 24 years old. I maybe 9/10 or a 10/10. I make horrible puns and I’m proud of them.

Srinivasa is a heterosexual man, who has graduation in Mechanical Engineering, and has been working as a designer for the past two years. He and his girlfriend dated for a year, and are still close friends.  

 How did you meet?

I met her when I was volunteering at Comic-Con. She was also a volunteer. Both of us were on the same team. On one of the days, during our break, I bought biscuits for her. We were all working a lot and figured she might be hungry. We grew closer since. So yeah… A packet of Bourbon biscuits got us together. Or should I say, we Bur-bonded over it? 

 When did your girlfriend tell you that she was bisexual?

We went on a couple of dates. She told me she was bisexual in one of the earlier dates.

And what did you go through internally? What were your thoughts?

Umm, I honestly was just blank. It was along the lines “oh, that’s interesting.” I really didn’t think much of it. And when I did think about it, it meant that both of us could point out girls who piqued the other’s interest. (It’s mild humor, no offense whatsoever). Exclusive/What's it Like To Date A Indian Bisexual Girl?
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Luckily for me, and maybe her, I am not the jealous or possessive kind. I believe that if you like someone you would want to be with them, no matter how many other choices pop up. So I did not ever feel insecure about any of it.

How is your exposure to the LGBTQ+ community otherwise? How many people have come out to you?

I don’t have much exposure to the community. I think it’s only her that I have personally interacted with. Sadly, I have not had conversations about sexuality and gender, and my knowledge about it is mostly through the internet which is dominantly LGBTQ+ memes.

When you introduce or talk about your partner, do you mention her sexuality?

I haven’t had a conversation with anyone where the sexuality of my partner had come up. I may have mentioned to two of my close friends. I am not very sure. She is very confident about herself, but I know this is a sensitive topic, and I am glad she was okay with me sharing it.

And about conversing on topics of gender and sexuality, I honestly wouldn’t mind talking about it.

Are there any differences you have noticed between straight women and bisexual women? Exclusive/What's it Like To Date A Indian Bisexual Girl?
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Nope! I haven’t noticed any differences. But also, she’s the only one I have ever dated, so maybe there’s something I don’t know yet. I do have a few friends who identify as girls, and between them and her, nothing really stands out. All the quirks, (for the lack of a better word) arise from her personality, and not from her sexuality. At least, that is what I believe.


When would you want to learn about your partner’s sexuality? When you begin to date or when you are to enter a relationship? Why?

Whenever my partner is comfortable with it. If I did have a choice, I think, it would be better to know more about my partner when we begin to date. Then that would help understand her better and build our relationship on it.


Do you think it would have been dishonest if your partner had not come out to you?

It wouldn’t be dishonest but would be disappointing. It would be dishonest if she was to take advantage of the lack of information I have. And the disappointment would arise because I want my partner to be comfortable enough to tell me things.


Do you think your experience as a partner has been altered because you did not date a straight woman?

I’m not sure, I haven’t dated anyone else. But I don’t think it has, it might’ve just made me more acceptable.

What do you think of movements like FSOG and how do you think we contribute to things?

I’m happy these movements exist. They bring awareness to the public and also let’s the LGBTQ+ community know that they are unsupported and have a voice. It helps people know that they aren’t alone and helps them.


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