The Wide Spectrum Of Lesbian Fashion

The Wide Spectrum Of Lesbian Fashion

Lesbians and fashion are connected since literally forever. Together they go way back in history – ladies made use of fashion to hint about their sexuality to any other gay women, historically. Lesbians – this comes as no shock – have been reduced to the most basic ends of their fashion spectrum – butch and femme. But there’s more to lesbian fashion than just these two extreme ends. Let’s take a look.

The Famous Butch Girl: 

The 40s, 50s and 60s were times when gay bars were usually secret underground places, invisible in broad daylight. Ever since then the stereotypical lesbian image was – a baggy jeaned butch with a trucker cap, with little to no makeup and a firm scowl in place. Although they dress masculine, butch women sport a wide range of personalities. Sensitive to romantic to stoic and even practical, the butches are as diverse and varied as non-butches.

lesbian fashion/lesbian fashion/The Wide Spectrum Of Lesbian Fashion
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Butch style is more inclined on the masculine side i.e, men’s clothing. But, the butch style is not be confused with “tomboy”. Tomboy is inspired by men’s wear but the same cannot be said for the butch style. Furthermore, butch lesb girls never really get the chance to be in the centre of limelight. Since, specifically, more focus is placed on others from the gender spectrum.

The Girl From Wellesley:

This is the torn-between-accepting-and-alienating-her-friends look. To get your hands on this specific look, visit the Otherwild website. Rush to gift yourself a How Dare You Assume I’m Straight and  Future is Female t-shirts immediately. No other form of style exists, which will showcase to the world that you’re a developing lesbian and not just a chic who addresses her partner as boy friend.

The Femme Fatale:

The term used to describe a woman, lesbian, who is the exact opposite of the butch lesbian is ‘femme’. Femmes exhibit immense feminine attributes. This term came into existence between the 40s and 50s American lesbian communities, when women started working. We are thinking of a time after World War II. This femme identity grew into the working class lesbian bar culture characteristic.

lesbian fashion/lesbian fashion/The Wide Spectrum Of Lesbian Fashion
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The Classic Dyke: 

This lesbian is like the classic car owned by a modern dyke. This tough girl doesn’t dent that easy, just like an old classic Ford purely made of steel. A full cargo short and comfortable flip flops are the proper base foundations in this case. Anything can go with this bottom style – a H&M tee, a polo striped t-shirt or a graphic tee from a normal store. For more inspiration, check out “Pac Sun 2009” on google.

The Music Lover:  

lesbian fashion/lesbian fashion/The Wide Spectrum Of Lesbian Fashion
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Until she doesn’t tell you so, don’t make the mistake of calling her a singer/songwriter. This lesb is just your regular girl with an instrument specifically a guitar. Below this Fender, you will get to see a plaid oversized button down. Along with a youth sleeveless custom soccer t-shirt, a pair of dirty jeans and high tops by Vans or combat boots. Let’s say that the shoe choice depends highly on the kind of music she usually plays is nothing but a huge lie. It’s possible that she owns both these pair of shoes, and it’s all on based on her mood. A beanie is usually seen on/with her.

The Painter: 

This ensemble – paint splattered – will seem easy to get. But it’s definitely harder than you think, just like most things in life. It’s hard to visit every overpriced store, vintage stores, and search for the perfect oversized men trousers along with a khaki colored threadbare t-shirt. It’s a wonder how these oversized trousers are still in the market. She is also often confused with the Girl From Wellesley.

lesbian fashion/lesbian fashion/The Wide Spectrum Of Lesbian Fashion
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The Lesbian From LA:

This lesbian absolutely loves a decent knuckle ring, may be even twelve. She does not fear the dangling long single pendant necklace. She is often confused as the Coachella girl, her counterpart who is straight. But this LA woman is more inclined towards hats that are wide and jackets made of leather. Rather than flower tiaras and rompers. Some have also referred to her as Lana del Rey in jeans that are ill-fitting. All Saints, NastyGal if you wish to achieve this look. Or just borrow (steal if not) from the wardrobe, that you just assisted on for a shoot.

The Corporate Lesbian:

She dresses up exactly as the straight corporate women. Possibly archetype. It could be a professional J Crew basics for work that are boring and plain, loose enough intentionally. Just not too loose that she is ignored. So that the men she works with take her seriously.

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