Woman Pours Wine Over Aunt’s Dress For Homophobic Comments

Woman Pours Wine Over Aunt’s Dress For Homophobic Comments

Weddings can be beautiful and heartwarming. They can also be full of shenanigans and filled with drama. Here is an online account of a story that is full of drama and wine.

On Reddit, there is a subreddit called ‘Am I the A$hole‘ (AITA) on which people share stories in which they feel they MIGHT have acted like an a$$hole or were rude in a particular situation. They ask the community to tell them if they were out of line or not. One user, who has since deleted the temporary profile they used to pose the question, asked if she was being a jerk at her cousin’s wedding.

The Wine and The Wedding

wedding/wine/Woman Pours Wine Over Aunt's Dress For Homophobic Comments
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The user mentioned above was the maid of honour at the wedding. She talked about an aunt who went around causing trouble and was, in general, difficult to handle. The user followed the aunt around ‘putting out fires’ that the aunt had started.

The user wrote:

“I have an EXTREMELY dramatic, selfish, and b**chy family. Imagine 20 Karen’s each with handfuls of expired coupons all complaining to the same manager who is too nice to tell them to f*** off.”

That’s my mother with her 10 siblings and their 10 spouses. Oh and did I mention they are all strict Catholics?”

“I generally have nothing to do with the lot of them but for my cousin who is an absolute gem I would happily wage war against the Karen’s single handedly.”

“One of my Aunts who starts 90% of the bull***t showed up to the wedding nice and early wearing off white. I was the maid of honor and asked my cousin if I needed to give her the boot but she said it was off white enough to let it slide.

“She did beg me to do everything I could to prevent any outbursts or drama though so I was on high alert.”


The aunt eventually crossed the line, however, and things escalated.

wine spill/wine/Woman Pours Wine Over Aunt's Dress For Homophobic Comments
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The aunt started talking to the bride’s best friend, who happened to be gay and was in attendance with his boyfriend.

The user further explained and wrote:

“It came to a head though when she managed to get to my cousins best friend who was there with his boyfriend.”

“She told him she feels sorry that he must hate himself so much to sin so blatantly. She said that she hopes by being friends with my cousin maybe he will be saved before it’s too late because of course there is nothing but fire waiting for him otherwise.”

“Before he could respond (he has a short fuse when it comes to this kind of bull***t and I can’t really blame him) I just straight up dumped my glass of red wine down my Aunts dress. I didn’t even pretend to trip.”

“Then I said oh gosh I’m sorry let’s get you cleaned up and took her into the back and cussed her out. My cousin already talked to her about her friend being gay so she knew what she said was wrong and unacceptable.”

“She did finally leave the wedding after all this.”

What her friends and Reddit had to say.

While we definitely do think this behavior was kind of justified, the user’s friends apparently did not like it all that much. Which is what led the user to post on Reddit and ask Reddit’s opinion.

I thought I was justified but way more of my friends than I expected are saying the wine and ruining her dress was too much and I should have just escorted her out.”


“EDIT: I did pay for her dress. The next day before she even asked for it. I promise I can be shi**y but not that shi**y.

Reddit’s reactions though were astoundingly supportive and a number of users told her that while her reaction was probably a bit over the top, it was also justified. Some others told her to forget about justification and asked her to simply call a good deed a good deed. They also congratulated her for saving her cousin’s wedding.

Congrats are definitely in order, we say!







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