You Should Gift Your Gay Or  Bisexual Partner A Dog, Survey Says

You Should Gift Your Gay Or Bisexual Partner A Dog, Survey Says

Actually, just give everyone you love a puppy! But if you really need a reason, then here’s something. A study that will make you adopt dogs or puppies and raise them with your love. Another reason for more gay and bisexual people to fall in love, and a puppy to make it last.

Apparently, raising a fur baby together makes relationships stronger. Maybe Indian parents have a similar view about having a child after marriage? (Sorry for the desi jokes) Well, according to a recent study, two-thirds of couples who are gay and bi say that their pets, specifically dogs, made their relationship stronger.

Pink News brought into light that the study carried by The study conveyed a relationship between puppies and romantic relationships.

Yes, cute, but why?

What really makes this happen? Why does your relationship become better after you have brought another non-speaking life into it? Picks/You Should Gift Your Gay Or Bisexual Partner A Dog, Survey Says
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Well, the results of the study showed that there are multiple ways in which having a dog affects the relationship. Beginning with more time spent. Having a dog means spending more time together. 56 percent of the gay and bisexual couples surveyed agreed to that. This also extends to sharing responsibilities and learning to take care of life and nurturing it.
But here is one of the stranger things that stood out from the study. The couples believe that owning a dog is a greater commitment to their partner than setting up a joint bank account. Or meeting each other’s family.
Parallelly, many people, whether gay or straight say that they would not date someone who was not a dog person. And why should they? Dogs are amazing!


Yes, there is such a thing called pet-nup. And gay and bisexual couples are almost twice as likely to get it done. A pet-nup is done in case the couple breaks up. In order to avoid a custody battle, the couple decides who gets to keep their fur-baby. Pink news revealed that only “12 percent of straight couples planned for that eventuality.”

A dog behaviourist expert for Rover also seriously recommends pet-nups too! Louise Glazebrook says that couples who think about committing to a pet should definitely get a “pet-nup”. She adds, “It means you can outline the practicalities of what would happen in the event that you split from your partner whether you have joint or sole custody of your dog.”

If you are in a relationship and are looking to adopt a dog, then don’t hesitate to discuss your relationship practically at least for the sake of the dog. Use your dog as an excuse to test the waters and see where your relationship is headed. Dogs, making awkward conversations, adorable. Or should I say, a-dog-able? Picks/You Should Gift Your Gay Or Bisexual Partner A Dog, Survey Says
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But from the dog’s perspective, this is a safer and healthier option for it as well. Louise Glazebrook says that pet-nup “will allow you and your dog to settle into a new routine quickly – this is the most important thing for canine mental health.”

Breakups are Hard

They are equally difficult for your pets to cope with your break-up. Not having one of you around, not seeing them as often, and your personal sadness will affect the dog too. The change in home, if there is one, it will leave your pup confused and affect its mental health too.

“It’s a real tragedy to see breakups result in dogs needing to be re-homed, so laying out an agreement that works for all parties is the most sensible and fair approach.” says the dog-behaviourist expert. Picks/You Should Gift Your Gay Or Bisexual Partner A Dog, Survey Says
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Does Baby equal Puppy?

Apparently, the desi joke I cracked, was half right. Having a dog is a great prep for having a dog. Cleaning up after the dog, spoiling it with affection, and disciplining it has the same set of stress and responsibility that having a baby does.

As Pink News mentions, “The need for custody arrangements in the event of a breakup is not surprising when more than half of people think that owning a dog is good preparation for a baby.”

But wait, before you go puppy hunting, you should know that there are a few downsides to this.

Puppy parenting means your pet needs at least one of you around constantly. Leaving a dog alone for long hours can make it unhappy and inactive. One-third of couples said that they have to leave their house separately to ensure that there is someone always to take care of the pet. Owning a puppy may also kill your sex-life a little bit. 17 percent of the people said they had less sex because their dog shares the bed with them. Picks/You Should Gift Your Gay Or Bisexual Partner A Dog, Survey Says
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There are ways to counter this. But it all depends on what you see fit. Getting a dog is a serious gesture of commitment. So unless you’re not ready, don’t bring one into your relationship.


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