Zoom To Ban Online Virtual Sex Parties On Their Platform?

Zoom To Ban Online Virtual Sex Parties On Their Platform?

Zoom, was once famous for only business video conferences. However, because of the COVID-19 lockdown, it shot to fame with great speed. In just a span of three months, it’s daily user numbers have taken a leap from 10 million to a jaw-dropping 200 million. Zoom is used for almost everything now. Right from online classes conducted by educational institutions to high school musical practices to now, virtual sex parties.

Yes you read that right, if you did not know about this already. Several sex clubs and sex workers are hosting NFSW like online virtual parties, mostly orgies. But rumours say that Zoom is banning nudity and any such users who are organizing sex parties and orgies.

Online Orgies Hosted On Zoom, Are More Than Just Orgies:

When you think of hosting orgies on a digital platform, all you can see is essentially losing the meaning ot it. Because of many obvious reasons such as technical issues like lagging visuals and stuck sound. Furthermore, such virtual parties fail to provide the multiple sensories experience, like how real orgies would.

But, these technical glitches do not stop the ones who are quarantined and single. Or simply horny and bored, are seen to attend such parties. They have managed to fill the void created because of loneliness induced stress, anxiety and depression.

zoom/zoom/Zoom To Ban Online Virtual Sex Parties On Their Platform?
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People use such online parties as an escape from the loneliness they are dealing with, amidst the lockdown. Especially the LGBTQIA+ masses stuck in toxic environments. Therefore, these online orgies are not only for stress release through orgasms. They also succeeded in giving a purpose, nearly therapeutic one, in the age of anxiety and panic.

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Zoom is less thrilled about this news: 

However, it’s reported that Zoom is not happy with this. And they are tracking down users, who are using its applications to host orgies, and ban them.

“Zoom‘s user policies explicitly prohibit any obscene, indecent, illegal, or violent activity or content on the platform,” said a Zoom’s spokesperson to Rolling Stone. “We encourage users to report suspected violations of our policies, and we use a mix of tools, including machine learning, to proactively identify accounts that may be in violation.”

This spokesperson also said that their company is fully prepared and will take a “number of actions” on the ones using it for “any activity that is harmful, obscene, or indecent,” which includes “displays of nudity, violence, pornography, [and] sexually explicit material.”

The spokesperson stated Zoom will use machine learning techniques to track down accounts that violate their policies.

Zoom to use machine learning methods?

But, representatives of Zoom did not directly tell what these machine learning methods are, according to Business Insider. But, this spokesperson claimed that Zoom never monitors conferences or their content.

zoom/zoom/Zoom To Ban Online Virtual Sex Parties On Their Platform?
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The spokesperson also pointed to Yuan’s message. Which includes the way Zoom has “fallen short” of customers’ “privacy and security expectations”. He also referred to Zoom-bombing (term for people using Zoom for ‘bad activities’) and harassment instances in this message. Yuan laid out a plan of action, to address this situation. These plans include playing out “feature freeze”, developing a “transparency report”. This report must include information in regards to requesting content, data or records. They should also conduct a conference every week, and  update the security and privacy details of the platform.

Not many believe these threats: 

Most people think that these are just hollow threats. Zoom’s policies on privacy will make it hard for them to execute these threats, according to PC Mag. This is because, as mentioned above, the company stresses on the fact that they never monitor calls or their content. The audio, video and chat content is not in their drives, if the conference is not recorded by the host.

zoom/zoom/Zoom To Ban Online Virtual Sex Parties On Their Platform?
Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

An sex online party host said to Rolling Stone that he is suspicious of such actions by Zoom. He claims that Zoom might be intending to save their face. By using such pornography bans. This is because Zoom is already drowning in a lot of issues regarding harassment and privacy. “I think this is another instance of a business that wants to pretend it doesn’t do these things, but of course it does,” he said to the magazine.

However, a lot of sex workers have turned to internet and took their work live. The LGBTQIA+ stuck at home, or who are quarantined and lonely, use these virtual ways. Many platforms of the internet are welcoming such environments that relieve stress through orgies, more now than ever. The whole internet is one huge orgy as of now. Even if Zoom dislikes it.

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