Indo-Pak lesbian couples

Borders dissolve as Indo-Pak lesbian couples tie the knot  

Regardless of their sexual orientation, they are citizens who deserve equal rights. The right to marry is an essential right for people who are in love and proud of their relationship. Being able to experience the joy of marrying someone gives life more meaning and joy. As a critical stage in anyone’s life, it is essential that everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, be granted the right to marry.  

A lesbian couple from India and Pakistan ties knot in California 

Famous lesbian couple Bianca Maieli, a Colombian-Indian Christian, married Saima Ahmad, a Muslim Pakistani woman, in a grand ceremony in April that brought together their individual cultures and traditional ceremonies. Both women met and fell in love at an event. A few years into their relationship, the couple began talking about marriage. Maieli proposed to Ahmad during their trip to Colombia. Both women are dressed traditionally in the photos. Maieli wore an ivory sari, while Ahmad wore a sherwani. They both respected each other’s culture and religion. 

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An Indo-Pak Gay Love Story in Cyberia 

While the issue of legalization of homosexuality has given way to heated arguments. New Delhi, a Pakistani gay who was in love with an Indian man. 

Hammad met this Indian lover on the Internet, though they have not met each other personally yet. And he knows that this love that transcends geographic boundaries cannot bloom in either of the countries and hence he plans to get a job abroad where he can live happily ever after with his partner as man and spouse. Hamad’s website,, a paid site, has all the spices that cater to the tastes of gays, transgender, and bisexuals, and has nearly 570 members. However, he is hesitant to come out in the open to claim ownership of the site because he knows his parents and society will not accept his unconventional thinking. 

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Another Indian and Pakistani couple got married  

Another beautiful couple Sundas Malik, a Pakistani artist, and Anjali Chakra, an Indian artist, married last year, and when they decided to celebrate their anniversary, they took to Instagram to share the news. The photos have crossed borders in such a way that people from both countries are unable to stop reposting them.  

Aside from being an ode to Indo-Pak union, the photos are also bringing joy to the LGBT community, who applaud the couple for taking pride in their relationship. They are both dressed in traditional South Asian attire, a lehenga and a sari. The duo’s look has been beautifully completed with some traditional jewellery. 

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Is same-sex marriage legal in India? 

India is home to people of various faiths and has codified laws governing their marriage, but none of these laws include provisions for homosexuals. Marriage is a legal union that gives a person certain rights. In every society, throughout history marriage is one of the ancient social institutions has that always excited. Homosexuality and same-sex marriage are considered taboo upon in Indian society. People in India avoid discussing homosexuality, but attitudes toward homosexuality have shifted slightly in recent years. Several news outlets, actors, and influencers on social media have spoken out about them and their rights, but it is not enough. Most importantly, women are in constant fear whether they will be accepted when they will identify them a Lesbian. They are considered Deviant anyone who violates the rules and norms in a society. In addition, homosexuals, including Gays and Lesbians, are denied basic necessities of life in many countries. They are frequently denied rights and employment. 

Current generations, as well as the Indian government, are learning to be more tolerant and understanding of the LGBTQ community. However, even after decriminalizing Section 377 of the IPC, the suffering of homosexuals is far from over. They are unable to file for divorce, maintenance, remuneration, continuity, retirement benefits, and so on. They cannot even file a complaint if they are sexually assaulted or physically assaulted because there is no legal system in India that protects their rights. 

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