queer-friendly nightclubs

Places where LGBTQ People Enjoy the Nightlife 

The ultimate guide to queer-friendly nightclubs, so that you can go clubbing safely

Nightclubs are popping up like mushrooms across every big and small city of India. The choices are many when it comes to scintillating music and cocktails that make you want more with every sip. However, when it comes to the clubs and lounges that are queer friendly and safe, it’s slim pickings everywhere. Popular clubs are often discriminatory and unwelcoming to the city’s LGBTQIA+ folks- from charging high cover fees to downright refusing entry, these clubs do it all. Moreover, having an atmosphere that is unfriendly and unsafe can ruin the mood and fun vibes.  

So, we have researched and come up with the ultimate guide to queer friendly, safe and fun clubs and lounges across the country, so that you can have the time of your life and party it up without having to compromise with your mental and physical wellbeing! 

  1. Dude Party in Bangalore 

Namma Bengaluru is known for its active and thriving nightlife. However, the queer community still finds it relatively difficult to find the best clubs and lounges where they can enjoy to the fullest with their friends. To solve that problem, an online group called Dude Party hosts many LGBTQIA+ parties in different clubs and bars across the city of Bangalore. The parties are designed to be queer friendly with great vibes. The group also organizes parties with super fun themes like “Okto-Beer-Fiesta” or “Drag-O-Ween” in prominent hotels and clubs across the city. 

  1. Kitty Su, Delhi and Mumbai 

With its inception in 2011, Kitty Su has been one of the first to welcome drug cultures in the cities of Delhi and Mumbai. Present in both the cities, these clubs allow the queer community to experience drag culture and break gender stereotypes. The Indian queer can find a cultural hotspot where they feel safe and honor pop culture icons. Kitty Su has features multiple Indian and American drag queens. So, if you’re looking for a liberal space that has a great vibe, this is your place! 

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  1. MIST, Pune 

Pune has one of the most passionate and active queer community, that is famous for hosting the most amazing pride parades. One of the most popular groups that is keeping the party scene alive for the LGBTQIA+ community is MIST. MIST is an online group that hosts inclusive parties that are tasteful yet lit. A large section of the queer population of the city gather to these clubs and lounges in the city to enjoy the exciting and vibrant party scenes.  

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  1. Gay Bombay, Mumbai 

Mumbaikars know that there is no death of queer friendly options of clubs and lounges in the city. Nevertheless, finding one that is inclusive and safe for the queer community is still no easy task. But Gay Bombay has your back! It is an online queer support group that hosts LGBT parties at the city’s famous clubs. Their fabulous events, meet ups and parties provide the community with a much-needed space to hang out and unwind with friends and strangers alike.  

Here’s hoping the list is much, much longer very soon and the members of the queer community can enjoy their lives anywhere without societal discrimination and prejudice and with respect, safety and the great vibes we all deserve at the end of a long day.  

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