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5 queer movies that actually have happy endings 

Here are some of our favorite queer films that actually have a happy ending.  

Being queer is not easy, especially given the society that we live in with its own prejudices, and that is often reflected on the screen as well when the stories of the queer are showcased. More often than not, the realistic depiction is accurate but disheartening. What if the community wants to see a message of hope and happiness instead?  

Although not as common, here are some of our favourite queer films that actually have a happy ending.  

  1. Love, Simon (2018) 

Love, Simon, released in 2018, was possibly the first film by a big Hollywood studio that focuses on same-sex teenage romance. The film made history and received acclaim from viewers and critics alike. It was groundbreaking for being one of the few feel-good queer romances. Sure, there were the usual trials and tribulations teenagers go through but in addition to a great portrayal of the difficulty that is coming out, the film also showed that ultimately friendship and love wins. What’s even better, it’s funny! 

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  1. God’s Own Country (2017)  

Placed in the Yorkshire highlands, this same-sex British love drama tells the story of sheep farmer Johnny, whose life changes with the arrival of Romanian migrant Gheorghe. The film received almost universal acclaim and is currently holding a 99% approval rating on the film review platform, Rotten Tomatoes. The film is a must-see for lovers of queer cinema, especially if you’re a fan of ‘rivals become lovers’ storyline and root for the rivals.  

  1. The Pride (2014) 

It may not be a traditional tear-jerker, but this feel-good story of community – based on true events and featuring an all-star cast – will leave you weeping with pride. A group of lesbian and gay activists come together to raise money for families affected by the 1984 British miners’ strike, which ultimately formed the highly successful Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners campaign. It was instrumental in the progression of LGBTQ issues in the United Kingdom, and the end will leave you feeling hopeful for the future. 

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  1. Image Me & You (2005) 

In this movie, beautiful Luce, a florist who catches the attention of Rachel, on her wedding day. Later the two became close friends and even form a romantic connection, which puts Rachel in a major dilemma and even makes her question her marriage. It’s a wonderful blend of romance and comedy, but in the context of a queer relationships, that’s actually quite difficult to find. You finish the movie with a warmth spreading through your heart and making you feel great. 

  1. The Way He Looks  

This film, ‘The Way He Looks’ was originally a short film which later came up in the big screen after winning acclaim from viewers. This award-winning Brazilian film is a superb blend of comedy and romance featuring the story of Leonardo, who is a blind student struggling to be independent and how suddenly his life turns upside down with the arrival of a new student. The film portrays the beautiful feeling of first love and the havoc it can wreak on your mind and heart. 

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