These 11 Condom Brands is What ‘Sexperts’ are Recommending 

Remember the days of limited condom choices hidden away in plastic boxes and then taking them away in black polybags? Well, those times are history now! Today, performing safe sex is not just responsible practice but also have become quite modern and stylish. With a plethora of condom brands to choose from, finding your perfect brand is easy.  

Condoms aren’t just about pregnancy protection; they’re your defender against STIs, they’re like avengers for your joystick, lol. They ward off any external itching and bacterial discharge.  

Today, you have got options, from ultra-thin to latex-free, plus-sized to extra-lubricated, there’s condom variety for everyone. Vegans, we’ve got you covered too! Moreover, we’ve got skin-ton condoms, textured ones, and many more, promising you maximum pleasure. 

Buying condoms in India can be as awkward as waiting for your mom at the billing counter in a crowded supermarket. But no worries, we have gone miles for ‘YOU’, so you can discreetly buy your favorite brand from the comfort of your own home. 

Check out our top picks and let your desi side find its ‘Mojo’, I had to get in the Austin Powers reference.  


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First up is the undeniable brand, Manforce! With a wide range of flavors, textures, and sizes, Manforce keeps things exciting in the bedroom. From strawberry to coffee, you can have your dessert before the main course. 

Crafted with latex rubber for a comfortable fit, Manforce condoms are designed with 1,500 pleasure-enhancing dots and come generously lubricated. Affordable and exciting. 


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Bleu is for those who love to explore the uncharted territory of pleasure. With unique designs and exotic options, it’s perfect for couples who seek novelty and surprise in their love life. 

Made from natural rubber latex, Bleu condoms are vegan, paraben and benzocaine-free. They feature an ultra-thin design with a dotted texture, providing pleasure without compromise. 


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Kamasutra is a timeless classic. These iconic condoms combine tradition with modernity, delivering reliable protection and an air of exotic romance. Perfect for those who appreciate a hint of nostalgia. 

Kamasutra condoms, made from reliable latex, offer various textures and high durability. Enjoy discreet, private delivery for intimate moments. 


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For those who like to keep the party going, Skore is the brand of choice. It offers a variety of options, including dotted, ribbed, and flavored condoms. Your intimate encounters will feel like an everlasting party! 

They are available in various packaging options with exciting flavors like orange, banana, chocolate, and strawberry. Skore condoms offer different colors and a unique dotted pyramidal texture for enhanced stimulation. 

Bold Care 

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Bold Care not only focuses on pleasure but also on your overall health. Their condoms are carefully crafted with the utmost quality and safety in mind. If you’re a health-conscious lover, this brand is your go-to. 

They offer two main categories: “Safer Sex” with ultra-thin condoms and multi-textured condoms, and “404 By Bold Care” with flavored ultra-thin and super nano-thin condoms. 


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Okamoto is all about creating intense sensations. Known for their ultra-thin condoms, Okamoto takes your pleasure to a whole new level. It’s for those who seek maximum pleasure with minimum interference. Made with high-quality latex material that is exceptionally thin and odorless. Meticulously tested for quality, they offer discreet packaging and non-sticky, water-based lubrication. 


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Skyn is the go-to brand for those who want to experience the most natural sensations. Made from non-latex materials, Skyn condoms provide a skin-on-skin feeling while still offering excellent protection. 

Moreover. They are rigorously tested, highly flexible, and have a straight-walled shape with a reservoir tip for ultimate sensitivity and have no harsh smell. 


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When it comes to protection, Durex has earned its reputation as a trusted companion. Known for its reliability and wide range of options, Durex is a brand you can always rely on. Their condoms are skillfully designed, dermatologically tested, and comfortable to use, with a range of products to choose from. 


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NottyBoy adds a bit of fun to your intimate moments with its cheeky packaging and unique condom designs. It’s perfect for couples who like to keep things playful and ‘discreet’.  


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For those who prefer to keep things discreet, Carex offers a subtle and reliable option. You can trust Carex to keep your intimacy private while maintaining the highest standards of safety. 

They are also available in different shapes, sizes, textures, colors, flavors, and fragrances. Carex condoms offer 5 assorted flavors for memorable foreplay and a comfortable fit. 

Mar by GHC 

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Finally, Mar by GHC is the trendsetter on the list. With innovative designs and materials, it’s a brand that’s always ahead of the curve. For couples who want to be ahead of the trends in the bedroom, Mar is the brand to look out for. 

Just like these top-notch condom brands, visit FSOG product page for a wide range of health-conscious products. 

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