These Indian Gay Dads are Revolutionizing Marriage and Redefining Parenthood

In a world where individuals lead their unique stories, some narratives deserve to be shared openly. These incredible stories serve as inspiration, not only for individuals but for entire LGBTQ community. Among the countless tales that exist, one particularly powerful story revolves around Aditya, Mayank, Michael, and Sougata—Indian gay fathers. 

Their journey encompasses the pursuit of parenthood, the quest for social acceptance and love. These brave individuals are reshaping the long-standing notion of heterosexual marriages, challenging the very foundation of matrimony, and redefining the essence of parenthood.  

Love Story and the Idea of Parenting  

Aditya and Michael met 32 years ago in the US at a gay club, where they saw each other and never looked back ever since. They always wanted to have a child but the road to parenthood was not easy, especially when it came to co-parenting with their female friends or adopting a child. “Adoption is not easy for a gay couple in India”, says Aditya. After seeking all the options and difficulties, the couple went ahead with surrogacy. 

Mayank and Sougata are another gay couple who defied the odds to become parents. They met on a gay dating website and decided to swipe right on each other. After almost 11 years of togetherness, their love for each other only multiplied. From the start, both wanted to be parents. Hence, they went through surrogacy which helped them become fathers.  

“It was a long and difficult journey,” says Mayank. “But it was all worth it when we finally held our son in our arms.” 

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The Struggle  

The path to parenthood was not easy for both couples. They not only found it hard to adopt a child in India, but they also faced difficulty in admitting their child to a school. The schools did not identify them as parents, but to ensure their children get the necessary education, they had to fill in the details as single parents. 

Both couples had to go through several legal obstacles, societal biases, and personal sacrifices, but they showed unwavering determination toward their children. The resilience against adversity is a testament to their power of love and the lengths they were willing to go to be a parent.  

Breaking the Idea of Traditional Parenting  

These fun-loving dads challenge the core of traditional parenting culture. Their unique approach combines cultural traditions with progressive perspective makes them today’s “modern dads’ – who are caring, nurturing, and dedicated in their parenting skills to ensure their child lives in an open and safe environment.  They are reshaping their traditional gender roles; Mayank, Sougata, Aditya, and Michael are a beacon of inspiration to the LGBTQIA+ community.  

Message to Future Queer Couples  

While having a child is a beautiful thing, LGBTQ couples need to have serious thoughts about parenting and the sacrifices that comes with it, because it’s a full-time responsibility. They should never shy away from being a parent in front of society. Both individuals should have a commitment to parenthood before they make any radical decision.  

Final Thoughts 

The word ‘parents’ is usually associated with mother and father in an Indian social structure. While it is true that Indian society has not historically embraced the notion of same-sex couples having children, this is beginning to change. As the world is constantly evolving, the idea of traditional parenting should too.  

This journey of Indian gay dads is not only rewriting the norms of marriage but also parenthood. Their struggle, victory, and unwavering resilience inspire us to challenge social traditions, celebrate diversity, and dream of a future where love has no limits. These wholesome dads have displayed the power of love as they leave a lasting impact on this world.   

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